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A Crossover so big, even Marvel looks jealous
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 Side-Arc 1: The Underground Arc

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Mechanist Gamma
Mechanist Gamma

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Side-Arc 1: The Underground Arc Empty
PostSubject: Side-Arc 1: The Underground Arc   Side-Arc 1: The Underground Arc Icon_minitimeSat Jan 18, 2020 10:08 pm

Not all threats appear at first sight.

As chaos brews and the Alpha Crystals blast off again, a threat unrelated to the Alpha Crystals appears.

Triggered by the breaches in the world, the Void opens...

...and its Master comes in search of a SOUL.

But it seems there are some other travelers...

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Side-Arc 1: The Underground Arc Empty
PostSubject: Re: Side-Arc 1: The Underground Arc   Side-Arc 1: The Underground Arc Icon_minitimeSun Mar 15, 2020 3:19 am

Snowdin, Underground

Uneasy. That's what she felt. It had been several hours since she'd woken up to the dark house. Papyrus wasn't in his room. Wasn't in the kitchen. Sans wasn't in his room. Wasn't at Grillby's. No notes were left. Frisk felt... uneasy. It wasn't like them to just up and vanish like that. Sans, maybe. But he'd announce it. This got her brain whirring, wondering if she'd done something terrible by not completing the 'game' of Undertale, and by simply rejecting it and walking her own path. Perhaps the programming of her world failed to function at a certain point of her individuality. But... everything else seemed more or less the same. The only problem was the missing skeletons.

Frisk decided that her last best bet was Sans' shed. She'd been in there once before, timelines ago. She knew he had a big project going on, but... he never talked about it. Even when she asked. So she never inquired further on it. She'd learned over time that Sans would either tell you straight-up what was going on, or you wouldn't get a drop of info from him. It was simple as that, though sometimes frustrating. He denied having time traveling abilities despite the fact that she adamantly believed he did.
Making her way out of the back door of the house, exiting the kitchen, she was greeted by more fluffy white snow, and the dark shed. It was like a deflating balloon, she felt her last bit of hope on the matter leave her. Yet, she still held on to just enough to march through the frozen flakes and knock on the door.

*You knock on the door.
*But nobody came.

She pursed her lips, knocking again. Nothing. Maybe he was just asleep. She'd already checked everywhere else...
That was when she glanced down, and noticed something off to her left. Something terrifyingly familiar. Dust. Not just any dust. Monster dust. She could feel her heart stop, her breath catch in her throat, her blood run cold, her thin slanted eyes widening, revealing her crimson irises.

*You stumble back in fear.
*You notice a pair of large bells in the dust.
*It's the remains of Mad Mew Mew.
*You call for help.
*But nobody came.
*You cry again, louder.
*But nobody came.
*You turn to run, crying for help one more time.
*But s̶̡̬̲̒o̵̬̿m̷̙̜̊̈͗e̶̹͔͂́͠b̷͚̂̏ơ̶̩̒ͅd̴̹̼̗̈́̑ỳ̵̳͔̩͝ came.

Frisk could see the dark world around her only grow darker. Lights in the underground winking out as she stumbled her way back inside, a feeling of fear and paranoia washing over her, seemingly out of her control. Quickly, she slammed the door behind her. Without a second thought, she opened her inventory, and saw a single item, the name strangely glitched.

R̶̠̽E̵͓̽̊A̶̬̎̄L̸̏̒͜ ̷͖͘K̶̜͍̋̀Ń̶̢I̶̼̔̈́F̵̜͈̕E̷̡̹͝

It appeared in her hand the moment it was summoned. It was a last resort weapon, but something clearly deadly was going on. She wasn't going to be unprepared for anything. But the world seemed to grow darker around her, closing in around her, delivering a sense of crushing dread. Her hand fumbled for a light switch, which she was quick to find, and quickly flipped it on.
Nothing happened.

*You feel like someone is watching you.

Frisk, hands starting to shake from uncontrollable fear, left the kitchen, feeling the shadows cutting deeper. Feeling her very SOUL grow heavy. She stumbled clumsily into the living room, still unable to see, and traversed past the couch to the stairs.

*You call for Sans.
*Still nothing.
*Y̷o̴u̵ ̷d̵e̴c̵i̶d̵e̷ ̵t̴o̴ ̸h̶e̸a̶d̶ ̷t̶o̷ ̵h̴i̸s̴ ̴r̶o̶o̶m̵.̸

Frisk had no plans of actually going inside, but she was suddenly compelled by the urge to do as such, and felt herself move up the staircase on needlessly shaky legs. She couldn't understand for the life of her why she was so terrified. She'd faced impossible challenges in the past and overcome them.
This did admittedly feel so much more different.
And Sans was also possibly dead... the one monster she could never defeat in actual combat...
This presence she felt had something to do with the disappearance of the skelebros, she was sure of it.

She soon found herself at the top floor, the wooden railing guiding her through it as she slid her hand across its surface, her other hand raising the knife defensively. The darkness only grew, and she could barely even see the knife in front of her.

*You stop at Sans' door.
*It's unlocked.
*You open it.

The door creaked open, and she felt an even stronger sense of fear wash over her as she gazed at the figure standing in the room. It was blacker than anything she had ever seen, clearly visible in the absolute darkness. The only thing she could even see now. And it was staring at her. Just as quickly as the darkness came, it seemed to slowly begin to life after a few seconds. She was rooted to the spot, staring at the figure as he slowly came to view in the dark room. She could see a pair of white pupils, much like the ones Sans had, staring directly back at her. A twisted, broken smile... She'd never seen this... thing... before...

☟☜☹☹📪 ☞☼✋💧😐 👌☼☜🕈☜☼💧

He spoke a strange, broken tongue. One which she couldn't understand. But after a few seconds, she could hear an echo beneath his words. An echo that spoke fluent English.

"H̶̀̈́̿͗́͜Ȩ̶͇̦̀̈́̋L̶̳͂̿͒̃̿Ļ̵̲͎͌Ö̸͎̩̗̬́,̶̥͑ ̴̝̘̈̓̈́̇̐F̷̨̪̻̭̋͂͝͝R̸̨͚̯̩̣̈̽̿̆̿Í̸̻̘̟̜̣̃͋̒S̴͙͑͆͝Ḵ̷̦̚ ̴̘́̊̆̕ͅB̸̗̈́R̵͍̃̃̃̉̀E̸̮̜̤̼̽̓̀̿̌W̸̧͓͇͖͒Ȩ̵͎̣̥̝̒̓͑̽R̶̢̨͓̥͙͆̌̈S̸̻͚̞̘͐͆̿.̵̼̱͛" It spoke. The voice was low, masculine, pleasant, with a hint of British to the tone. It sounded almost like a combination between Sans and Papyrus' voices, just far more... proper. Frisk said nothing, still rooted to the spot as the being stared back at her, twisted smile never leaving his ruined face. A skull, from what Frisk gathered. This thing... this monster... he had some kind of relation to Sans and Papyrus, evidently.
Gathering her courage, she pointed a shaky knife at the monster.

*You demand to know where Sans and Papyrus are.
*There is silence.
*The figure laughs.

His laughter seemed to come from everywhere yet nowhere, filling her ears as well as her mind, rattling her brain. It echoed and glitched, being generally mysterious and terrifying all at once.

❄☟☜✡🕯☼☜ ☞✋☠📬 ☞⚐☼ ☠⚐🕈📬 ✋🕯💣 ☠❄ ☟☜☼☜ ☞⚐☼ ❄☟☜💣📪 ✡❄📬 ✌👍❄🕆✌☹☹✡📪 ✋🕯💣 ☟☜☼☜ ☞⚐☼ ❄✋💧📬

"T̵̗̻̻̿͌͑̈́ͅH̸͖̄͛̾̆͘E̷̥͚̦͈͎͂̒̌̓̔Y̷̠̥̽̾̐̋̚'̶̛̠R̵̗͙̍Ę̶̈́́̏ ̵̜̗̜̀́̑F̸͔̻̝̈́̀͐͜Ǐ̶͕̗̦̇̓̕Ṇ̷̡̡͓̦̈̈̈́̂E̵͈̣̣̥͌͛.̷̨̹̠̃̀ͅ ̴̤̖̞̹̰̂F̵̡̈́̚O̴̡͚̙͚͙͑̎̏R̵̯͍͚̙͆͑̔ͅ ̶̡̼̘͔͋͐̓̄N̷̨̳̠͛̇́̔Ȏ̸̠̳̘͚͔̂͂̏̒W̸̫̊͊̽̚ͅ.̷̨̳̩̏̈́͝͝ ̶̼̬́̆̓͘͝Ḯ̶̠̼̺̄́͜'̷̫̌̚M̷̧̱͕͙̐̍̊͘ ̸̙̓̽̎̚͝Ṉ̵̡̥͊̀̈́O̶̡̙͔̦͍̓̒̾̓T̵͔̎̿͗ ̴̘͍͇̠̓̆̾̿H̶̨͙͛E̷̠̥̋R̷̞̝̜͛̇͝É̶̞̝͖̰͊ ̴̼̖̺̻̀̂̑͜F̵͇̘̩͌͋͌̕ͅO̶̡͉̝͗̀͗̂R̸̡͎͙͙͐͠ ̷̤͎̪͈̬͊̽T̴͖̊̉̏̽H̷͕͙̀̐E̴͔̞̦͇̐̋̃M̷̫̮̣͓̒̂́́̌,̷͍̬̖̓̀ ̵̛̲̜͖͕Y̴̛͔͔̞̆̎̀͌E̷̹͉̼̙̓̑̔̄Ț̵̃̋̐͐͜͝ͅ.̸̭̒͑͒͝ ̶̻̗̙̬̏̄̕͝͠A̶̛̞͉͙͛̋C̷̗͊͑̕̕͝T̸̠̲͖̅̍U̴̗͂A̷̛̳̫̠͗̔̚͜L̶̙̠̏͜ͅḶ̴̪̩̗̎̓Y̷̤̤̙̝̽̒̕,̶͕̜͚̖̋ͅ ̶̨̞͚̤̳͛̈̑̔I̴̟̫̳͗̾̈́͒'̸̹͇̦͎̰͗M̴̠̬̖̾͊̚̕͝ ̵̞̼̥̠̅̂Ḣ̷̰̌̓E̸̡̡̲̱͠͝R̵͈̮͂̈́E̶̪̞͇̱͎̔͌̔̑̔ ̴̧̱͕̠͆́̔F̷̡̮̱̰͓͆Ŏ̴̜͖̙̙̠́̎̆R̵̠͚̦̙̲̅͋̈͆ ̸̩̞̰̻̌͛̈́̃Ṯ̸̥̒͘H̸͇̬͓́̕Ḯ̶̱̓͌̈̏S̴̖͗̎̽́.̴̬̱̒̂"

Again, his echo followed the strange, robotic and jumpy way he spoke. Completely incomprehensible to her until the echo followed, quietly whispering to her the meaning of his unknown tongue.
She followed his gaze as he looked down to his feet. A picture sat on the ground. It was too dark to tell what it was of.
The monster stooped calmly over, scooping the page off the ground, looking it over.

"Ǫ̷̪̘̂͂̾͠N̸̢̪̒̇̇̃͐ͅC̵̝͓̯͇̿̄̽͝Ȅ̴͍͖͜͠ ̷̛̙̬͆͘͝U̵̜̰͊̈͠P̶̢̨̪̯̳͝Ǫ̵̡̠̼͕̌̿͘͝N̶̛̝̯̦̿̈́̈́̌͜ ̶̺́Ǎ̴̘̣̱̼̼̏̈́ ̸̨̲̊T̵͎͌Ḯ̸̥̲͇͝M̴̻̹̟͔͉̂͊E̷̱͙̻̐̌̉͐,̶̱̱̄ ̷͚̥̦͎̦̔M̷̧͚̳͙̾̈́̿͆͊Ÿ̴͍̟̼̠̈ ̷̛̜̫́͗̕͠Ś̷͔̱͉̱ͅÖ̴̺̗́̂͘Ņ̷̧̺̻̫̇̏̎́ ̴̻̜̜͖́̊͘M̴̟̑̾̄͘͝Ả̵̼̳͂̐͝D̴̙͐̎̔̅Ë̷͇͓̈́͌ ̵͚̬͙͖̙͂̒M̷̡̧̧̦͐͜E̴͇̟͉͍̽ ̵̘̣͛̌͐̒̚Ť̷̘̝̍͛̃̿H̵͎̣͗͊̈́͛I̸̖̭̜̓̆̒Ş̴̫͒͌̾̓.̴̢̮̰̲̒ ̷̻͔̓̆I̴̡̠͍͆T̷̗̭́ ̶̻̠̿ͅẀ̴̢͇̀̑͑̋A̸̩͉͇͙̋̚̚̚S̴̪͎̄̑͆ ̸̅͊̄̓̕͜M̸̯̈́̅Ẏ̴̢̅ ̶̛̜͙̙̠̈̏̽M̸̺̺̤̜̟̔͆Ó̷̳̌̈́͛̃S̶̡̢̪̮͐̄͌͝T̸̤̓ ̵̯̻̘̰̦́P̸͈̹͑̾̚̚Ŕ̷̤̖́̈́͠I̶̺̦̝͒͒͆Z̷͖̹̬̲̥̔͐Ė̵͚̣̰̜̂D̶̗̝̎͊͒̎͝ͅ ̴̼͂͛͂P̶͙̙̿̉O̷̧͔̹͆́̂ͅS̸̝̹̽͆̚S̸̰̩͔̬̿̈́̕E̶̘͗͆Ș̷̨̝̌̀̃Ş̵̘͕̥̜̏͐̈͝I̸̖͇͎̗̘͆̋Ơ̷̳̹̈́Ǹ̷̻̥̣͕͐̂̐͘.̵̜̈́̿̾̈́ ̴̢̣͚̣̐͛͜O̵̳̝͉̫̦̐̌̑̀̒U̶͇͇̝̬̖͆Ṫ̷͔ ̶̙̪̩̙͌̓͗͝O̵͓͕̒F̴̰͚̮̋ ̷̩̆́̅ͅȂ̸͇̲̝̬̌̀͑L̸͙̘̏̈́̚͜Ḷ̴̽͂͌͘͜ ̵̧͔̘̺͛O̶͉̠͍̊̍̅̚͜ͅF̶̺̱̋̈̉ ̶͈̳͇͓̄͘M̸̭͍͓̈́͛Ỹ̸͓̪̙͎̓̇ ̴̹̼̎Ȯ̵̹͐͗̾Ẅ̸͈́̍̈̚̕N̷̢̫̗͚̊̇ ̶̻̓̍̀́̇C̴̡͆̏R̶̙͕̭͉̾̊̿ͅE̵̺̾͛̏̍À̸̺Ṫ̴͈̠̆͘Ḭ̴̢̩̐̽̍O̷̖̳̠̍̄̐͘N̷̢̰̲͗̆͆͠Ṡ̶͚͎̞̤͌̀̌.̷̥̠͋̆̓͒ ̵̤̮̮̪̍͌͊͐ͅĄ̶̻͐̉̽ͅL̶̙̖̰̱͍͛͊͒L̵̨͚̘͒͂̿ ̷̧̧̌̐̕̕ͅƠ̶͚͈̈́̒̈F̶̰̤̯̣̾̑̐ ̵̧̞̪̮̋̽͆͠M̶̧̼͇̓̆̌̀̉͜Y̴̘͘ ̵̪̹̻̥̇̀͒́̊Á̷̹̋̈́̐Ç̴͉̪͖͕͒͋̍͆͋C̴̘̘̓Ȯ̶̱̠̮̩̦Ḿ̷̡͍̣̖̏̃̊̀ͅP̵̨̭̖̈L̸̳̩͚̓̍̊̑̚I̵͙͔͇̠̊̑́͝S̸̥̞̫͚͗Ḣ̶̜̖M̴͓̟̀͆̾̒ͅE̷͈͙͚̐̐N̷͖̜͕̼̋̃̃Ţ̸̐S̸͔̙͙̭̐͑̒͘.̷̭̱̹̽̒͐̍̾͜ ̶̨̗̩̗̅̒T̵̘̯̍H̷̱̺̔Ỉ̸̡͈̈́Š̵̳̺̻̘̱ ̸̹͚̯͈͑̓ͅM̷̢͚̞͉̞͊̎̒̈͠Ë̷̖̝̕̚A̶̪̐͜Ǧ̷̬͖̓̃E̶͉̖͔̩͂̑́̈̇Ř̶͕͚̩̹̉ ̴̘̣̀̌̐̐L̵͚̇́Ĭ̶̜̦̹͓̩̿Ţ̴̪̏̋̎̐ͅT̵̖̙͔̒̌̔̋̓L̷̳̅̿͘͜͜E̶̜̦͚͇̍̋̃̄ ̶̨̣̥̮͎̄F̷̲̙̘̯̍̇͘Ȁ̵̢̪̙̞̦̎̂͑̒M̶̭͌͘I̴̞̯̻̓̎̅̐L̷̹̓͋́Ẏ̸̯̓̈̽ ̵̨̥̊̃P̴̙͔̈́I̷̹̙̥̼͋͐͑̒C̷̎̀͜͝T̷͓͍͖̯̂͋̒̄͆Ǔ̵̧͍̱̜̹̌̓̊̾R̵̉̊̂̏ͅE̶̫͕̼͔̦̓ ̵̡͚̭̤̩̿͐̈́̒͝Ẁ̶̬̗͎͓̑̒̕Ă̷̝̖̣̱͓͊̕S̷̜̗̮̜̈́͛ ̸̹̭̿̓̚W̶̱͉͎̾͑̑͝H̵̖͖͔͎̕À̵̲̃T̶̨̛̮̟̰ ̷͈̬̣̰͂C̵̛͇̯A̵͕͎̽̅̍͒̊P̵̢͕͇̰̑̔Ț̸̢͚̭̗̓̌̊Ų̴͍͈͉͗R̴̭̭̎͝E̴̳̻̒̀ͅḌ̸̚ ̴̺̔͂Ṁ̷̨͈͚͍̝̌͐̈́Y̶͇̑̑̈́ ̴͎͚̋̔̀H̷̲͚̆͗̒Ẻ̶̦̐́̈À̶͚̹̣̺̍̆́͜Ṟ̸̐͊̈́̇T̶͖̼͛̒.̵̲͍͙̾͐͊͝ ̶̗̏̆I̵̢̢̱̮̋̄̅̕ ̸̧̈́͋͘W̵̟͝Ǎ̷͙̗̳̄S̴͙̟̀̾̅͜ ̶͓̪͗̌̾Q̶̱̞̗͐͆͆͜Ù̸̧͍̫͚I̶̳̙͍̼̔̀̅͠T̸̲̗͕̫̅́͒̅͠ͅE̸̠̘͙̱͚͒̈́̓̅͘ ̵̜̈̈͝Ṫ̵̪̌͘H̷̢̥̫͇̭̃Ȩ̸̧͋̕͝ ̵̗̘͖̙̈́̅͘̚͝F̶̩̗̠̌͜O̵̺͈̦͐́͋͜O̷̧̖̝̤͗͒͛̾̅L̷̼̝̯̓̇̑̌̾ ̸͖͕̳͎̑͋̓͜B̷̫͔̦͖͒́A̷̛͔̳̿̎͑͝C̷͈̤͖̈́̑̌K̴̢͙̱̉̈́͐͊͘ ̵̡͐͑T̴̨̬̾̎͜͝H̴̩̱̮̞͎̊E̶̙̤̼͚͘N̴̖̜͈̆̄͛,̶̧͚̓̾̀̈́́ ̶̞͖͛͑͘D̸̗̙̫̩͐̈́̒́͝Ȯ̴͙̝͉̜̓ͅN̸͙̣̦͛̓͗'̸̫̻́Ť̴̝̹̤ ̶̡̤̬̙̰̇́̔Y̴͉̫͚͈̅͆̃̄O̴̘̲̹͎̓̈́̓ͅȔ̶̟̖͗̉̽̃ ̶͕̥̣͛̀̕T̸͈̹̹͌̈́́̕H̸͖͂̌̊̏Í̵̲Ṅ̴̦̩K̸̙͈̀̃̅̑̈́?̶̻̟̦̊̀"

Frisk said nothing, watching as the paper in his hand suddenly lit up the dark room in a burst of flames, a royal purple in color. The paper was disintegrated in barely a second, and left behind what seemed to be a small white orb, which the being's skeletal hand closed around. She noticed that a large empty hole made up his palm, and the small white orb was now in the center of it. It began to grow brighter, before vanishing, and the man seemed to stand a little straighter, eyes closed, letting out a satisfied hum.

*You tell the monster to leave.
*He smiles.

"Ö̶̠́H̸͍̦̝͗̂͘͠ͅ,̷̣̈́̿̈ ̴̛̳̞̺͒̀̍̃I̷͙̞̯͑̇͌̓ ̶̛͍̜̹̞̱̓̌̂̿W̴̪̗̹͕͒̈́̉͌̕I̶̞̍L̷͉̔̔̑L̶̤̬̥͖͌͂̄̚.̵͎̻͚͑̇ ̸͚͖͙͗̈́̃̕B̵̺̫͖̙͗́̚͠ͅU̸̹̯̾̿T̶̹̾͒ ̸̢̬̗̮̆͌̚T̷̥̤͛͊H̵͖͚͓́̎̑̂͘Ė̷̟̈͆̎́R̷̮̬͍̀͆ͅE̵̡̝͈̠̔̔͝ͅ'̵̨̮̇̐͐̈S̷̮̆ ̴̙̰͈͍̜͆Ô̶̖̫N̵̮͆͛̋̆͝Ȩ̶̛̺̫͈̏̂ ̷̖̲̪̀̄̀̒̚Ḽ̵̻̺̒̅Ȧ̵̠̙̈̃̊̾S̵̭̃̓Ț̸̌̅̾̀ ̷͖̭̲̪̄͒̒̂̋Ţ̶̦̺͎̻͒̒Ḩ̷̙̮͉̃̋͌͊Į̴̘̪̠̀̀̾ͅŅ̴͕̥̲̳͒͝G̵͙̟̞̈́̂̋͜ ̵̨͔̦̻̓͐̕͠I̶͓̮̬̐̓̌̎͂ ̶̜̙̟̣̉̀̓͘Ŕ̸͔̳E̸̹̤̫͇̓́̀Q̵͇̅̚U̷̺̫̾̈́̏ͅͅI̵̭̍͝Ȑ̶͓̩̣̘̅͝E̴̢̋̎.̴̤̺̚ ̷͍͍̀Ỳ̵͔O̶̭͈̻̦̽̍̎̆Ŭ̵͓̜̟̣̗͛͛̿ ̵̻̔̕Ś̸̙̒̆͐Ȩ̵̥̙͌E̷̜͑͛̉͘,̴̬̒̕ ̶̨͍̥̥̋͐́Ḿ̶̳͇̥͉̓͘͠Ȳ̵̗͖̥̳̽̒͗̚ ̴̪̙͓̈́̏́̏̓P̴̮͆̑Ö̵͖͇̦͍́̕͝͠W̷͕̮͗̍̉͐͠Ĕ̶̦͓̜̻̂R̵̯͔̠̀͆̐ ̶̠̐̊͐M̷̰̯͖̬̓̀͝Ŭ̵̧̹̣͍͑͛̾̕Ş̸̛͍̹̭̙͆̓͛T̸̘̅͋͝͠͝ ̷̘̞̭̽̂̅B̴̫̳̒͠Ḛ̴̩̾̑́͝ ̷̗̩͊̂̈ͅR̶̛̭͊E̴̙̩̦͂̍͐̍̚S̴̟̥̙͇̃̓̾̄T̵̥̖̙̯̙̿̃͠O̸̢͂̓R̷͍͂͋̀̑È̸͖̰̖̌̊Ḑ̸͈̹͇̿̈̋͐̇,̶̤̘̄̓͊̅ ̸͈̩͙̅̎B̶̘̤̅̈́̇̏̕Ü̷̧̳̱̳͓T̵̲̫͎̯̙̀̈ ̴̡͙̠͙̦͑̾͗̋Í̷͇̹̰̺͑͝Ṱ̵̨̜̝̍͜ ̶͚̰̰̪͠W̷͔͚̄͘Ỉ̸̦̈́̔̍́L̷̬͙̫͆L̴̛̥̬̽͛̀͜ ̷̪͙̯͕̥͋́̊̅B̵̲̱͂̒͗̈́̉Ȇ̶̹̦͈͒̕ ̶̦͍͐̽͗͝A̶͙͙͎̜͓͐ ̶̖̖̱̺̺̊̀͘T̸̲̫̿͆̋̀͠R̴̢̲̲̈́͜I̶̯͉̽́͌̆͝V̵̨̭͍͚̓̓̕̚͝Ǐ̸̛̙͉͖͙͖̿͝Ǎ̴͖̜͈͔̞L̷̨̘̫̰̎̑̈́̿̕ ̸̖̘̜̹̝̾̉̒̃͗T̷̛̖͛À̸͚̉S̸̩̭̻̃K̷̩͈̾̿̊̃͝.̵̰̼̠̻͒̓̏͋͝ ̸̞̺̲͙͊̍͠Y̷̧̲͕͒̌́͐͜ͅO̷̢͍͇͂̈͌̏̽Ù̶̧̲͙̹̰̀͂̔Ȑ̸̠̼ ̴̛̭͖͖͆̆͝S̴̭̦̭̐̕Ỏ̴̂͒̓͜U̴͕͈̰̥͆Ḷ̷̘͎͔͇͆͐̚͝ ̵͍͎̌͌͊͗Ị̶̡̤̣̌Š̸̥͎̽ ̸̻̯͔̉M̸̻͗͐Y̸͚̓̽̈́ ̵̡̹̹̻̀͆ͅD̶̜̙̼̀̓É̴̡͓̏̊̿͒S̴̜̽͜I̸̡̯̲͋̈́̌R̷̫̣̮͚̉̌̉̔̋Ę̴̥͙̝̬͐̐͐̏,̵͍̦̭̯̒̀ ̵̜̓́̍́̕F̸̻́͊͑R̷̼̻̙̽̉͗Ḯ̵̡̥̔̉̊͝Ṡ̶̨͖͇̺̚K̷̢͙͆͒̀̍̑.̴̰͖̝̤͐̌ ̸̺̼̳͉͊̑̀́͝À̵̫͓̫N̷̡͍̎͊͋̑͝D̷͕̭̳͂͋͑͐̈́ ̶̟̈̆̅̚͝ͅI̷͖͌̆͊̔̈ ̸̨̛̼͉͎̦̿͘N̵̢̯͔̣̏͐E̴̠͛̚E̸̞͎̐D̷͖̗̖̊ ̵̲̠̀̀͑͜I̴̡̗̤̞̘̎Ť̵̹͕̙͍̮̈́ ̵̜̘̮̳̿̍̊̅̄Ñ̶͙͇̫̟́Ỏ̴̘̣̰̲̀͒W̸͍̑̏͜.̶̪̜̰̌̕"

Suddenly, her scarlet SOUL appeared between the both of them, sailing toward the being, who raised a hand, catching it comfortably in his other hand, broken smile curling crudely. His hand closed around it, and Frisk felt an excruciating pain fill her entire body. Every inch of it, like she was burning on the surface of the sun. Her blood boiled inside of her, and she collapsed to the ground, screaming in agony, writhing painfully, unable to do anything as the being only continued to leer down at her.
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It was a good run, but they got them.

Invisible, Inc. was gone. Basically gone- To Nika’s knowledge, Central probably got away with the Incognita AI, and the jet had two agents in it...But how long could they run? Where could they go? Four mega corporations were on their tails- and Nika could only hold them off for a minute for her employer.

If she had to guess...she was probably the last one even alive in the building. By a thread too. Kept alive by several medgel injections, patching bullet wounds as she ran down halls tinted red. Gun in her hand, a reload pack in the other, trusted disruptor strapped to her side. She could hear the trampling of enforcer boots, shouts of “over here!” and “this way!” from the corporate assassins.

Nika had a goal though- the armory. It had weapons in it. Maybe she had a chance. A chance to...A chance to…

Actually, even as adrenaline coursed through her veins and mind, she couldn’t think of a way out. She’d get into the armory and then what? Arm up to shoot more enforcers? Or…Go out with a bang? Maybe if she made enough of a ruckus, they’d shoot her to death, unable to be resuscitated. Become too troublesome for the assassins to do so.

She made it around the corner, dashing into the hall with the armory in it. Proclaimed in bold text on the wall. Unfortunately, a group of Enforcers had also found it, mechanically marching towards both it and Nika. Rifles pointed forward. An inevitable conflict.

Wordlessly, a hail of gunfire shot from their rifles, Nika barely sliding under them- feeling the heat from each shot. She fired off some countershots of her own, landing squarely into two different enforcers. One toppled over, shot in the knee. Another keeled, shot in the stomach. One shot missed, scorching the floor. No doubt were they administering their own medgels in the moment, but even one or two less guns to worry about before reaching the armory made a world of difference.

Halfway to the armory. With a click, the empty energy cell used to charge the pistol slided out, clattering to the floor. Nika was on her feet once more, eyes locked with the featureless masks of the enforcers. Another rain of gunfire, Nika leaping out of the way- a moment too late.

She could only wince as the plasma scorched a hole into her leg, burning into her flesh and muscle. But she had successfully leaped right into the armory, landing on her forearms. With a glare, she tossed the charge pack at a button, within the armory itself.

The last sight she got of the menacing enforcers was them attempting to turn into the armory, only for a large metal door to slam shut in their faces. That would buy the bodyguard a minute or two. She took a deep breath, and exhaled.

From her pocket, another pack of medgel. One of the few she had left. Injecting it near her injury, the nanites got to work patching the burnt cells and replacing her missing muscle. Casually, she picked up the charge pack, slamming it into the handgun. Though she was in the armory- this side arm was getting holstered.

Ignoring the banging on the door, she calmly got to her feet, walking towards the back of the armory. The gun vault, containing the deadliest weaponry the company had procured prior to it’s sudden dissolution, was stationed there. A few taps made the vault doors open up, as the bangings on the armored ones silenced. They were likely planting an explosive on it to blast their way in.

Nika grabbed two assault rifles- “Flurry guns”, they were called. For their brief period of intense fire. These were her last resort.

She turned to the door, now armed with the Flurries. She was done for- almost certainly. Flurry Guns took a long time to rearm. But if she could go down with a fight, that’s what she was going to do. It was what she had to do.

Though as Nika felt the tension building in the air, feeling the seconds ticking down, a small blue crystal rolled out of the gun vault. Clinking on the floor. She didn’t glance at it, too concerned for what would happen next.

The crystal cracked. It’s surface rippled. And exploded into a vortex, sucking away Nika in all her focus.

The door exploded off, the Enforcers rushing in to find...nothing. An open gun vault, but not whom they were pursuing. Immediately, one of them tapped into their comm channel. “Lost target. Keep on the lookout for a tall blond caucasian woman…”


The stinging chill of snow was what Nika felt. Planted down in it. Flurry guns still in hand. Pulling her head up, she did not see the red tinted halls of her workplace, nor any sort of hall at all. More like a gaping maw of night, yet an oddly suburban site sat in front of her. A normal seeming home, two mailboxes squarely in front of it. One empty and tidy, the other overflowing with letters. Paper letters...When was the last time they were used…?

Questions raced through her mind, as she noticed the door was slightly ajar. And there was an awful force in the air. Something was terribly wrong with this place, yet Nika was equally compelled to enter the home. Her hands clenched on the Flurry guns, adrenaline coursing through her veins still.

Stepping into the home, the lights were off. It felt just as cold as the outside had, and that pressure exerting on her even more. From what she could make out from the darkness, a rock sat on a table. A TV out of the 2010s sat across from a ruffled old couch. The presence of a sink unusually high up, indicating a kitchen. And a staircase across the room. She proceeded cautiously, stepping onto a carpet. Crumpling slightly under her feet. Nika swallowed.

Why was she this...nervous? Just minutes ago she was staring dozens of enforcers down, firing off shots without freaking out. Her entire career she had kept from freaking out. Breaking bones, facing death plainly.

But here she was, in some house, where a staircase was proving so intimidating. It must’ve been some sort of the electrically induced dream- The corps got her, this was an elaborate torture device. She stepped up, the stairs creaking slightly. And then another step.

As she ascended the staircase, she wondered when the corps would wake her up. Maybe the staircase would never end. But as the air itself felt like it grew thicker, Nika arrived at the top of the stairs. The door across from her was shut- and had several labels on it, resembling caution tape and stop signs. But there was another door down the hall- this one open.

There were noises from it. Electronic jabbers. Like how drones would sometimes whir and beep in tones to one another. But something was also distinctly wrong with it. Nika had the feeling this was not something she could understand- something she could hardly comprehend. This was not a torture, as not even the strongest of corporate mind tinkerings could make one feel this sort of pressure. Unfettered, she proceeded towards it, past the slightly reflective glass of the painting in the hall.

Nika glanced into the room, taking a moment to soak in what she saw. A pitch black figure- no, even more than black. Utterly void of anything. And in stark contrast, a face white as pearl. Two beady spots of white making pupils within other voids, and was broken. Shattered?

It looked down on a figure. It was a child, writhing in pain. The first person Nika had seen since this dream-like thing began happening. Neither the child nor the...thing… Had noticed her. She didn’t think so, at least. Maybe it didn’t need to pay attention- Nika wasn’t even worth it’s time. But for a moment, through the deep terror this thing instilled in her...Nika felt a surge of defiant rage.

The flurry guns let off a slight click as they activated, whirring their small nuclear cores.

And the room lit up, as dozens of superheated plasma shots filled her vision, the air turning hot as they surged towards the figure. Nika letting out a scream all the while.

She hoped to whatever force was watching her that this would kill it, and thus the fear. She didn't know what she'd do if it didn't.
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PostSubject: Re: Side-Arc 1: The Underground Arc   Side-Arc 1: The Underground Arc Icon_minitimeSat Mar 21, 2020 12:44 am

Snowdin, Underground

Flashes of light etched their mark through the still, depressed air. Time almost seemed to slow as the projectiles neared their target, before they were at a near stand-still as they sank into the towering figure, burning and burrowing inside of it, before sinking inside and disappearing completely.
The being appeared completely unfazed, only tilting his head curiously to the side, staring at Nika now as his torture of the child ceased, and Frisk stopped writhing in pain, now in a huddled ball, slowly trying to regain her strength.

"T̴̢̮̱͊͌̋H̵͔͑̈́E̷̢̥͔͘ ̶̡͎̖̏̅̇Ć̷̳̙̆̕O̶͇̿͒N̵̰̦̺͋̌́V̸̯̈́̇͒E̸̫̓͒ͅR̴̨̜͒̆̀͜G̶͓̱̼̿̐͠E̵̜̾N̵̝̙͗̚͝Ć̴̺̮E̷͚͆ ̴͚̹́̇H̵̡̜̩̀Ă̴̪͋S̶̭͔̠̀ ̷̛̤̭͜C̴̢̠̃À̷͔Ļ̸̛L̷̲̞͌̆̚Ë̸͓͚́̓D̸͇̝͑͋ ̶̙̠͖̒Y̸̠̖̓͂̋Ǫ̴̞͂̈́U̵̢̜̠͒̿̚ ̵̮̥̍͜͝H̸̀̃́ͅȄ̴͕Ŕ̴̼Ȩ̴͈͐,̶͙͘ ̶̨̛̭̚N̵̩̰̈̃̀I̴̱͛Ḱ̸̙̤̻̕Á̸̞̻͛ ̷̗͌̈́͂M̴̞͙͕̅́U̷̼͗̍R̸̭͋̕Ḁ̸̀̓ͅT̸͔͈̆O̵̮̭͊̉ͅV̴̙̼̈́Ȁ̴͍̄.̸̼͍̪͂͗͐"

The being spoke, directly to the new arrival now, his electronic garble overlayed with an echo of a recognizable tongue. English, faint but noticeable, a tinge of a British accent clinging to the words.

"Ĩ̸͇̓͘T̵̥̍S̵̢͊̇͠ ̴̖̣̆̐̈Ŕ̷̗ͅE̵̯̐̚A̴̛͈͆̈S̷͙͔̎̈͗O̷̼͈̐̀N̸͖̭̩̋I̸̞͗̒̉N̸̪͎̘̏̐͌Ġ̸̡̻̫̎̈́ ̵̭̩̑F̵̠̓̈Ô̶̰R̷̫̮̂͑͒ ̵̨̺̔͝Y̷͇̑͌̑O̴̺̮̐̿͜Ŭ̵̙̹R̷͓̙͘ ̶̞̼̓̄P̶̘̪͒̽̚R̴̡͎͕̓̿E̸̦̹̺̿S̶̬̔E̸̞͔̻͒N̶̺̻̎C̴͓̐E̸̩̺̬̊͗̏ ̶̲̐̍I̸̲̩̐S̷̡̯̘̉͛ ̷͕̬̹̓̈́B̵̛̪͌͛Ḙ̴̖̗̄͌̽Ý̷̼̲̞̋Ó̵̜͆N̷̜͠Ḋ̸̢̠̲͘ ̵̲̕M̵̥̞̍E̴͉͕̋͛.̵̙̅͌ͅ ̶̖̞̏͊͝P̷̜̣̓̀̕Ę̷̓̈͝R̸̳̂́́Ḫ̴̜̓͌ͅA̵̫̔P̶̤̺̼̅͝S̸̹͙̊ ̵͇̝̎̀I̸̝͇͛̒T̶̞̤̏̽͝ ̵̥̯̿F̵̛̲̝̬͠I̵̮̔̆͗Ṋ̷͂͠D̸̝͓̔Ṡ̶̝̮͝ ̶̟̖̹̉̕H̶̢̭̻̃̽͒U̵͙͆͝ͅḾ̵̱̒͝O̵͚̜̐͒͜R̷̖̺͕͑ ̵̛͚͖̽I̶̤͈̖̒N̷͈̓̈́͗ ̸̲͑Ț̴̢̉H̷̢̦̳͌͆I̵̺͐S̸͖̓́̊ ̷̧̖̽͌̈ͅI̷̙̽͠Ň̶̬̺̣̿̅T̶̠́̏E̵̬͙͑͑R̶͉̈́̐͠ͅA̶̧̭̅̀̉C̴͓̓̂̚T̴͔̜̜̈́̍̐I̶̞̺͓͂O̶̦̞̻̽N̴̲̹̗̈́͐.̷͈̐́ ̶̭́͂P̷̧̛̹̔̕Ë̶̯̭̆R̵̲͖̈́̽H̸͓͉̜̋Å̸̳̰̙P̴̖̮̭̾̄̄Š̵̢̼̽̒ ̴͚̅̈́̇I̷̛͖͖͇T̷̨̪̰̈́͂ ̶͉̬̏͝Ś̵̟͈̖͋E̷͉͗̆̌Ę̵͕͉̈́́̈Ǩ̸̹̚S̴̺̝̉ ̸̡͉̃͛͜͝T̵̡̆͛͝Ö̶͈̉ ̶̛͔͐T̶͔̳͎̈́̀͘Ë̸͉̖́̅S̵̥̭̎̀͘Ṱ̸̔̽̐ ̸͔͈̱̂̈́͝Ờ̶͙̭̀Ǹ̵͜Ẻ̵̞͎ ̶͖̠̳͌͐Ỏ̸̯̐͠F̸̪̣̈́̿̿ ̵̨͙̦̈́U̶͖̒͒͂S̶̛̼͈̍͠.̶̹̐͐͘ ̵̗̑̈́Ị̶̠̙̒Ṟ̵̑̀Ŕ̵͎͈̞̄̇E̷͙̽͑̏G̴̡̻̊A̶̩͊R̸͙̜̭̿D̴̜̝͖͛̈L̷̊̑ͅÈ̵̢̬̙S̴̳̓͜͠Š̵̯̓̇,̶̡̳̬̇͝ ̶͔̞͈̑̋I̵̠̕ ̸̙͇̍̓H̶̯̜̆̐̕A̷̺̓̎V̴͖̎Ė̶͙̀̈́ ̴̮̳̱̉̇N̷̨̛̞͙O̴̜̿̆́ ̴̝̪̫͝T̴̬̑I̸͈̹̥̐̄̒M̴̽͑͘͜Ë̵̮̀ ̸͚̗̦̂F̵͍͉͆͋Ō̴̖̤̖Ř̶̟ ̵̪̜̼̒̓̄I̵̤̓̈́̌T̴̛͎S̷͙̥͎͊̈ ̷̢͔́P̶̥͈̂̒̄͜Ë̴̳̩T̶̛͙͛͐͜T̵̼̃Y̴̲̓̑͝ ̴̞͈̈́̊͘T̵̛̲͉̏͝Ȓ̸̡̞̦͘Ĩ̶͓̖́̌A̶̢̗̼̋L̵̛̜͕̫͛̾Ş̵͍̓͝ ̷̗̱̟͘A̷̳͓͗͆ͅN̵͎̠̯̈́̓̎Ḓ̴̜̳͘ ̶̢̄͋Ĝ̶̼̪̎̐Ã̸̼̩͍̋M̴̰̥̩͒E̸̫̿Ś̷̗̖.̶̩̩̍͜ ̷̦̘̈́ͅI̷̘̊͠ ̸͈̬͈̀́K̵̰̯̓N̵̬̮̹̄͝Ö̵̮́̌̓W̸̢̜͓͒̅ ̶̣͖̺̽͋Ŵ̸̲͔͎͗̚Ȟ̴̪͋́A̴̛̰̅̊Ṱ̶̠̿̈ͅ ̶̢̯͎̓̇͘W̵̤̹̖̒̎͋Ḯ̷̢̖̓L̸͈͉͍͛͘Ḽ̷͌ ̷͇͆͌̀B̵̰̄E̴̡̥͒̏͛C̵͖̘̊͜O̸̖̙͋̓͠M̶͉̬̔͋̋Ė̷̡̹͓̈́͗ ̴̝͊̈Ȯ̸̘̻̬F̷̹̿͊̕ ̵̯͈̀̿T̴̤͎͆̇̄H̸͕̒͆̑I̸̘̐̿͝S̷̝͎̣̓͋ ̷͉̔͗͒W̴̮̹̤̋O̷̘̗̓̀̀Ṟ̵͓̈̉L̸̘͒̑͌D̸͎̲̎,̶̙̾̈́ ̴̹͗͊A̸̛͓̲͋N̸̙̈́́Ḑ̶̟̰̂͘ ̵̺̑̕I̵̙̥̓̅͋Ť̵̛̪͕͂ ̷̯̱͖͊̍̚I̷̖͌͘Š̴͎̘ ̸̤̾̕M̷̼͑́͝Y̵̻͈̥̎ ̶̻̔͠Ĝ̴̩̯͜O̴̻͛͒̈́A̶̫̯̭͘L̴̜̰̇͒ ̷̡͆T̶̗͓̖̈́̿̐O̷̰̎ ̶̩̹́̚Ṣ̶͍̄̿ͅT̷̟̿͒̕Ọ̸̄͋͝P̷̣͂͝ ̴͓͖̦̽̅̐İ̵̳T̷̛͍̝̟.̶̠̞̅ ̸͈͆Y̷̪͆̍̅O̸̳̐̑̀U̴̗̾̓R̴̤̈́̇̅͜ ̸̨̰̝̈́P̵̛͚̮̗͗́R̶̼̓̈́I̸̢̨̳̓̄M̷͉̊̕͝Ǐ̸̱Ţ̶̻̗͛̕͘I̶͇̤̐͜V̸̛̜̯͐̚Ḛ̵̏͊ ̸̭̼̆͐͑A̷̧̧͙̍͝͝R̵̯̞̞͝S̵̛̙̙͉E̸̠̣̠͐N̵̜̬͖̈́̽A̵̮͍͓̔̆L̴̼̻͐̋͘ ̶̨̘͖͒̆I̸̧̔͜S̴̢͌ ̴̯̮̱̿͛̍Ò̵͖̟̈́͝Ŭ̷̪̼T̴͎̪̗̐̈C̵̝̽̓̈́Ļ̷̾Ȁ̴̪̑Ŝ̴̝͙͑͝S̴̰̯̯͒̅Ḛ̷͛̍Ḍ̵͛̋ ̶͎͋H̵̜̆̕͜È̵͇͖̭̑R̵̲̤̀̋̒ͅË̴̜̼̱́̉,̵̞̝̜̏͋͝ ̶̨̤͙̄C̴͕̜͆͝͝H̴̞̍I̷̳̱̭̋͒̌Ľ̷͈̫́D̸̗̍͜.̶̟̩̚ ̷̭͋͠İ̵̹̾͠'̵͑͜D̷̠̃̊ ̷͖̅̍Ș̴́͑̀Ų̸͓͊͗̊ͅG̶̭̓G̶̠̃E̷̛̫̪S̴̺̓̍͊T̵͚̲̥͗ ̷̤̭͚͐̀Ÿ̶̡̓̚O̷̙̤̤͋̚U̴̧͇͙̐͊ ̷̨̳͗̃̚S̴̻̮̤͂͗Ṱ̷̎͆A̷̱̟̤͋̕R̷̰͇͚̕T̵͚̪͛ ̵̺̠̍͂̉ͅR̸̭̬̊͆Ụ̵͓͐ͅN̴͈̉͋N̸̫͌Ĭ̴̬͇͚͐N̶̩̏G̵͋͜.̶̬̣̤͂ ̵͎̑I̶̹̖͙̅́'̴̺̊͐̚L̷̟͒̚L̷͕̄ ̷̜̰͉̾E̷̡̹̾V̵̰̺̄E̷̖̐̕͘ͅN̷͚̩͕̉ ̷̳͕͈͐̾G̸̢͕͗̈́̀I̴̠̠͐̕V̶̧̰͕̇͋̚E̵̹̝͈͒ ̷̢͖̦͋͐Ỹ̷̡̐Ǫ̵͇͗̾U̸̺͍̬̓̓̓ ̵͙͕̞͗̐A̸̧̭̍̔ ̸͙̑H̵͔͎̬͐̐Ȩ̷͔͗A̵͖̻͚͆̈́̀D̷͖̙͙̏̈́̾ ̷͓͐͋̎S̷̱̓̿͋͜͜T̴̨̾́̚Á̵͇R̷̖͔͗T̸̘͎̘͋.̴̺̂̂͆"

His terrible, crooked smile seemed to twist to unholy proportions as he stared at Nika, and gestured to Frisk, as though adding a silent input to take the young child with her in an attempt to flee.
How he enjoyed a good game of cat and mouse.


(Burble's previous post edited into here due to an error on my part that resulted in the deletion of his post)

It ate the shots like nothing. Nothing! Fused in with it’s very void existence. The Flurries clattered to the floor. Their cores now in a cooldown, needing to be extensively serviced before they would fire once more. Time that Nika no longer had. Regardless of their inert and useless state, she stuffed the sub-machine guns to her belt loop, cells still hot from the sheer energy, the heat pushing through the fabric of her pants.

Ignoring the discomfort, she lurched forward, grabbing the child’s collar. With a yank, she and the child both backed away from the otherworldly individual, it’s beady eyes drilling into her very being.

If the Flurry Guns hadn’t worked, Nika had no clue what would. Maybe she could rip out the cooling rods of the Flurries and make them meltdown. Radiation could pierce the hardest of armors. But would it too fuse with it’s nothingness? No, Nika’s plan was simple. Get the hell out. Get the hell away from that thing.

Wordlessly, she held the child to her chest, charging out of the room. There was no time for stairs, so Nika charged right into the banister. The wood gave easily under the force, sending the agent and still hapless Frisk airborne- Not that it was a problem, as Nika did a roll to take the majority of the impact. Hard steps she took as she ran towards the door, back into the snowy night.

It was then, Nika realized, that she had heard it speak- Fluent English, with a British accent. It was speaking to her. Not to a stranger, it was referring to her. Nika Muratova. How did it know? She hadn’t spoken a word. Not to it, not to the child. And it wanted to chase! She had done as it wanted, without even realizing it!

...The cold snow stung on her skin. No doubt the child was terrified and confused. But Nika didn’t know what to tell her. But never one to waste time, the agent picked herself and the child in her arms off the snow coated ground. “We keep moving.” Was all she told her new client, as she began making strides through the snow. Dim lights illuminating a small town ahead.

She chose to ignore the figure moving in the lights ahead. If she stopped moving, that thing...would catch them both.

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PostSubject: Re: Side-Arc 1: The Underground Arc   Side-Arc 1: The Underground Arc Icon_minitimeFri May 15, 2020 2:13 am

San Francisco; The Golden Gate Bridge

"...There it is. Right there; down by the water."
"Lemme see."

Three teenagers overlooked the massive red bridge suspended over the waters; the grassy hillside littered with plant life provided the perfect vantage point, the two obscured by the green flora. The light of the sunset glimmered over a pair of binoculars, which the first, a boy, passed to the girl sitting next to him. The third child sat with them as well, their legs hanging down the slope.

At first glance, they seemed like three regular kids sitting over a view; the first boy was tall, and had blonde hair and bright steely-grey eyes, carrying rough-hewn features. He was obviously pretty athletic, and he was wearing a dark purple shirt, a pair of black jeans, and some pretty good-looking black and white sneakers. He handed the binoculars to the girl sitting next to him: a cute enough girl with a fit enough body; curvy, but not overly so. With dirty blonde hair and eyes that looked almost an unnatural shade of lilac, she was wearing a sweater cut off at the midriff that hugged her torso, some battered navy blue skinny jeans, and brown boots. A camo-colored beanie sat on her head, her face dotted with a few freckles, as well as a simple pair of black glasses.

"You see it? Right by the first red support beams."

The last boy who had guided her gaze was taller than the girl, but only slightly shorter than the other blonde kid. His hair was a deep jet black, and his own eyes were a strange shade of teal. He was wearing a simple blue t-shirt with a grey drawstring hood, and a pair of normal run-of-the-mill jeans. As mentioned, the three looked normal enough.

But behind them were some unorthodox belongings; three backpacks, and three hooded coats; well-sown, black, and heavy duty, like they were made for activity. One was decorated with silver stripes along the hood and zipper; another with lilac, and the last with teal. The most unsettling part, was that there was a small space built into each of their backs; and there was strapped a weapon. A short-sword; single-edged, and finely crafted, with a black scabbard sewn into the fabric of the clothing.

Down by the water, wading in the bay, was a figure; and it appeared to be anything but normal. Tall and black as night, with wisps of darkness emanating from its body. It had no eyes; just a face as black as night. The black mist falling from its body collected together occasionally, forming extra limbs that disintegrated just as fast as they manifested. Looking at it sent chills down the girl's spine, even more so when it seemed to melt into the shadow of the bridge's underside, only to pop its terrifying head out and look again.

Having had enough, she handed the binoculars back to the blonde kid next to her. "That's it, alright..."

"Go get Aylith," muttered the boy with the black hair. "I'll keep an eye on it."

"And let you keep all the fun?" remarked the other boy, who slung the goggles around his neck.

"Okay, we both know I'm not that stupid. Alright? I can go if you-"

"Just messing with you," he replied with a smirk. "Anya, come on."

"Gimme a sec," she replied, reaching backwards as she put on her jacket, the blade concealed as she put it on. She pat the black-haired boy on the back as she stood. "Hey, don't do anything stupid, alright?"

"Well damn, do you two have high opinions of me," he replied playfully.

The two jogged off to their camp about a quarter mile away. The boy leaned back as the sun set, reaching back to put on his jacket. Slinging on the comfortable yet practical black fabric, he tried to dig his hand around in his backpack to reach for a water bottle.

"...Looking for this?" A hand offered him his bottle.

"Oh, thanks Milo-"

Upon realization, Jet stumbled over, somehow landing on his feet as he backed up, bottle in hand. "W-who are you?"

He was facing a man; he appeared to be in his forties, the hooded cloak obscuring his face. Jet could make out a beard in full view, though strangely, his body appeared to be coated in a soft golden light; one that set Jet off to the point where his arm went to the inside of his jacket, closing around the handle of his sword.
"I usually go by Flint. A pleasure to meet you... Jet."

"H-how... where did you come from? How did you get out here so fast?"

"That implies there's somewhere I can't be." Flint shrugged. " this multiverse, at least. You see, Jet, I'm not... really here, persay."

"You might wanna start explaining yourself," Jet admitted, his hand starting to tug on the handle of his sword.

"... I can't do that yet." Flint said. "But would you believe me if I said that every piece of fiction you've consumed in your life exists in its own multiverse?"

His grip stammered a little as he comprehended what Flint was saying, but his fingers found their grasp again.
"I mean, it isn't the craziest idea," Jet admitted, still clearly on edge.

And Flint casually pulled out small green crystal, glimmering with strange energy. "It's true. And I'm from one of those worlds... but you won't get to play the adventure I appear in for another decade or so."

Jet paused in response, stammering for a moment.
"Okay, what the hell, what the hell," he thought, getting the strangest of readings from the crystal in his hand.

"...What, are you an advertisement or something?" Jet retorted, refusing to let go of his weapon, ready to attack if necessary. The entire situation was... odd, to say the least.

"No, I'm a guide." Flint said. He turned away from Jet, waving him forward. "Walk with me. We need to talk about a few things."

Reluctantly, Jet followed, but not before slinging his backpack over his shoulder, sword in tow.

"You're familiar with big multiversal crises, yes?" Flint questioned. "The type that writers would make event comics out of, or the final bosses of some big Japanese roleplaying games."

"Crisis on Infinite Earths, Marvel VS. Capcom," Jet replied. "Super Smash- W-what's the point of all this? What are you here for?!" The entire time, his hand never left his blade.

"They're small fries compared to what I'm fighting."

He paused for a moment. "O-okay.... Why exactly are you coming to me of all people with this stuff?"

"Honestly? It's because you're a vital piece of the puzzle of which possible future will become ours." Flint turned to him. "You're about to embark on an adventure most nerds would only dream of, and while you may not have the power to reach the end of it on your own, you'll certainly gain it."

"I'm guessing I don't have a say in this?" he bargained, his hand curling as his blade peeked out from the scabbard, Jet's mind still trying to wrap around this... "Flint's" words.

"Well, you could say no." Flint shrugged. "I'll respect that. But you're dooming not only your world but the rest of the multiverse."

Jet paused, before shaking the nerve out of him.
"Okay okay. What exactly is it you want me to do?" he asked apprehensively, still not completely buying what Flint was selling.

"I'm sending you to Undertale."

The response was so casual and nonchalant, but Jet stopped clean in his tracks, his belief having run dry completely, his desire for action starting to take hold.

"Excuse me?"

It was then, immediately then, that Jet's foot crushed something beneath it. He rose his leg to find that he'd stepped on a blue shard which suddenly burst in light, Jet managing one last yelp of surprise as he vanished completely into the light, nothing remaining of the young teen.

Flint looked around the area with a sigh. "I suppose I'll have to figure out some excuse for him... oh, and return that Emerald. Starline needs it for the plot to continue as normal. So much work to do, and he's only just started his attack..."


Snowdin; The Underground

Jet was silenced as he fell backwards, his body coated in a rippling, burning cold. With a gasp, he hit the floor, another biting chill eating at him. The boy stood, to find he was... standing on snow.

"Wh-what the fffffffhhh-" he whispered, too silent to hear, glancing around as he took in surroundings that were... strange, to say the absolute least.

He glanced around, finding himself in a town; a lively town, with bright honey-colored wooden buildings, and hanging lights that made the place look like the setting for a stop-motion Christmas movie about finding the holiday spirit, or some other cliché plot.

As he exhaled, he could see his own breath. Flint's last words rang in his head...

"I'm sending you to Undertale."

T-that was a joke. It had to be a joke. It had to be a-

...Or maybe it wasn't.

He brushed the snow off of him as he took in his surroundings.

"...What the actual hell...?!"
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PostSubject: Re: Side-Arc 1: The Underground Arc   Side-Arc 1: The Underground Arc Icon_minitimeTue Jun 02, 2020 1:41 am

Snowdin, Underground

Nika pounded against the snow beneath her soles, charging through the snowy little town, dashing by a singular individual, before she was forced to skid to a stop.
She'd reached a cliff, which dropped into a darkness below. What remained of a long wooden bridge hung limply from across the gap. It had clearly been severed from this side, and a jump like that would be impossible for her to make.
At that moment, the kid in her arms stirred, rolling out of her arms and thudding into the snow on all fours.

Frisk shook her head. The pain was still jolting through her, but it had somewhat subsided. Her stomach twisted into a knot as she realized that the being... whatever it was... still had her SOUL. She had to get it back, this much she knew.
The girl slowly turned her gaze up to Nika, vision blurry from the pain she felt, so she squinted an effort to put the woman into focus.

*You ask the woman what happened.


The scarlet SOUL hovered in the air before the doctor, pulsing quietly, slowly, and pleasantly. Full of Determination, without an ounce of LOVE to fill it. He'd been watching her for a long time, and despite her return to pacifism, he knew that certain things carried over across the countless timelines, regardless if they were abandoned or destroyed. There was still a certain LOVE that could be tapped into, without even needed to kill for it. That LOVE was what had the doctor so excited for this SOUL. To unlock that power, and build his up even further.

Thanks to the Convergence event spreading throughout the Omniverse, he'd finally been given the opportunity to break free of the VOID and its suffocating nothingness, no longer trapped within, only able to see and project, and unable to interact. But now... thanks to the cracks caused by the Alpha Crystals, he was finally free. Finally able to pursue his goals that he'd waited so long to chase.
To rebuild his power, then go beyond it. To take full control. Absolute control. To recreate the entire Omniverse in his image. To be rid of the threats it posed. No more Zeliyis'. No more Scratch's. A simple, peaceful, blissfully unaware Omniverse, free of conflict, pain, suffering... and free will.
His hand reached forward, and his bony fingers wrapped around the SOUL, which struggled against his grip, pulsing brighter, and faster, trying to be free of him.
He only squeezed tighter, before it suddenly erupted in a brilliant flash of scarlet light that lit up the entirety of Snowdin, before it vanished altogether, the power it held now pulsing throughout Gaster, restoring more power than any single SOUL fragment ever could. Even still, he had so much more to collect. Fragments trapped within beings and objects that were either linked to him, or held a sort of value to his past self.
However, he still had pressing matters. The Convergence was here within his origin universe. That meant the Scratch Doctor could oversee the events going on. Could spy on him...
The intruders needed to be eliminated to guarantee absolute discretion.


Frisk's eyes went wide as a crimson light shone from Sans and Papyrus' house, before her body went slack, and the young girl collapsed in a heap, her eyes going cold. The being had absorbed her SOUL, thus killing her physical form, and trapping her spirit under his power within the SOUL.
As far as Frisk knew, as quickly as he'd came, she was gone. Never to return.
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Side-Arc 1: The Underground Arc
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