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 Arc 1: The Airship Arc

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Mechanist Gamma
Mechanist Gamma

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Arc 1: The Airship Arc Empty
PostSubject: Arc 1: The Airship Arc   Arc 1: The Airship Arc Icon_minitimeSat Jan 18, 2020 9:38 pm

All great legends have to start somewhere.

The Inter-Dimensional Police Force is formed to enforce law on a multiversal scale, but their relatively short history in comparison to that of existing multiversal forces makes their reach limited... and easy to destroy before they become a nuisance.

The army of the universal war lord, the enigmatic Zeliyis, has ended the testing phase of the Alpha Crystals. It's time to begin sowing chaos across worlds, as the crystals are scattered to distant universes. The IDPF can't hope to even deal with such a wide-spread threat...

...much less having that threat appear on their front door.

Convergence's initial community was very different from the community it has today. The co-owner of Convergence, Mechanist Gamma joined Convergence back in Summer 2018, the sixth roleplayer to join who's still in the community today. It was Gamma's penchant for world-spanning narratives and vast casts and worlds that led Convergence to become what it is today, all starting with the Marseilles arc. He now champions the new era of Convergence: Omniversal Heroes alongside Comic.

Want to join a community of other high-quality roleplayers? Join the Network! The roleplay server hub run by Mechanist Gamma, Nicepeachie and others keeps an integral, high-quality and empathetic community intact to tell strong and fun stories.

Follow Mechanist Gamma! And while you're at it, check out the let's play channel RPJohns!
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Mechanist Gamma
Mechanist Gamma

Posts : 5
Join date : 2020-01-16
Age : 16
Location : Westopolis

Arc 1: The Airship Arc Empty
PostSubject: Re: Arc 1: The Airship Arc   Arc 1: The Airship Arc Icon_minitimeTue Jan 28, 2020 3:30 pm

A dark and dreary world, teeming with life naught but years ago, now an empty barren wasteland with the eternal raging storm above. The black sea swirled around tall spikes of stone, the remnants of an island shattered into minuscule fragments of what it once was with the raw power of a God.

"Lord Zeliyis."

The arrival of a single man, heralded by the distant sound of jets, didn't fail to escape the notice of the warlord. Not only that, but the armed transport bore the symbol of his army - his personal, private army, formed for the sole purpose of continuing his own goals - with the mark of a scorpion on top, marking which commander it belonged to.

The Horseman of Conquest. Scorpio.

Knowing that his top general had arrived, Zeliyis halted his raw exertion of power, lowering the powerful greataxe he held aloft. "Speak, Conquest."

"I have mixed news to provide." Scorpio, knowing better than to risk any possible rage from Zeliyis at this time, fell to one knee and closed his eyes as he gave his report. "On one hand... the Horseman of War is dead. We have lost Armorella to battle."

"Who is responsible?"

"An upstart faction, my lord. They call themselves the Inter-Dimensional Police Force, seeking to police the hyperverse. I imagine they'll be as effective at doing that as the Zone Cops were. Nevertheless, it seems they're resourceful, as they managed to ambush Armorella. She took her own life to destroy the Gateway to our main universe, taking out the lead ship of the group's fleet."

"A shame. She will be missed." Zeliyis' cool response was contrasted by the sudden swing of his axe. The water just to his left fully parted, raw energy flying from the axe and obliterating a spire of rock in the distance. This was how a God vented his frustration. "You claimed the news you bring was mixed. Yet I hear nothing fortunate as of yet."

"That is because I wished to ensure you were left in a good mood at the end." Scorpio replied. "I bring you news from the Laboratory. Scratch has upheld his end of the deal at last."

"The crystals...?"

"Are complete, my lord."


"It's time to begin our little game."

New York City, May 12th, 2018

"Come on, guys. Frankie's Food Emporium? You know Delmar's Deli-Grocery is objectively the best place to get local food. Frankie's is so overpriced!"

He went by many names. Peter Parker. The Web-Slinger. Underoos. Teacher's Pet. ...ignore that last one. But no name mattered more to him than that of the Friendly-Neighborhood Spider-Man. As he soared through the air, he fired out another long strip of webbing, sticking to the building wall and leaning into his swing. As he whipped past the office building, he narrowed his eyes. The truck was driving just up ahead, at a far faster speed than ever possible before. The back of the trunk popped open, a man sitting outside... with a machine gun. He began to fire at Spider-Man, forcing the webhead to duck and weave in midair. "Whoa! That's a dangerous toy you've got there." The webslinger raised his hand, firing his custom formula to catch the gun and pulling it out onto the street, shattering it in the process.

"The Spider-Kid took out the main gun!"

"Weave into that alley! We'll lose him there!"

Parker was shocked to see the truck take a sudden turn to the left. "Waitwaitwait, not that way! I can't web-sling as well in alleyways- why am I expecting them to listen to me?"

"You do tend to talk to yourself a lot."

"Not now, Karen!"

Peter released his webs completely, firing a web forwards towards the back of the truck. He caught the trunk door, yanking himself towards the car... and accidentally ripping off the trunk door. This allowed him to catch a good look at the bag of money the three criminals had stolen from Frankie's... and some hot dogs. "Wow, you really did steal the food." He landed on the truck door, skidding across the ground on it as he fired two more webs forward, pulling himself onto the truck. He leapt into the air, slamming down onto the front of the car and crushing the engine. "The transport has arrived at its final stop, please transfer to the prison bus!" Peter quipped, flipping onto the front of the truck and stopping its momentum with his webs and by pushing against it with his arms. As the truck slowed, the doors kicked open as all three men hopped out, the driver with a pistol and the other two with machine guns.

"Come on, guys. You know how this is going to end."

"Kill the kid!"

"I'm fairly certain murder gets you a far more severe sentence than stealing hot dogs!" Spider-Man shot off another web and pulled himself up quickly, avoiding the first volley of bullets as the three men fired on him. While still in the air, he webbed the two machine guns, yanking them into the air and throwing the guns onto the roof behind him. He fell down on top of the car roof, quickly rolling to the left to dodge the bullets. He fired off a few quick webbing shots, jamming the driver's pistol before sticking his arms to his chest. Spider-Man leapt forward, kicking him to the ground. The two other men began to advance on him, trying to punch him. "Guys, proportional strength of a spider, you really want to do this?" Peter took them down effortlessly.


"Uh huh. Yep. Corner of 22nd, down an alleyway. Car's smoking, you can't miss it. Friendly-Neighborhood Spider-Man."

Of course, Spider-Man wasn't an officer of the law in any official capacity. So the police were needed. The three robbers were strung up with webs, restrained on a lamp post and fully disarmed. They groaned, still feeling the lumps from Parker. The money (and hot dogs) were similarly webbed up, mainly to ensure they weren't re-stolen.

"Alright." Peter closed up the contact-ID-less smart phone, the police now on their way. He figured now was the time to do his own cleanup. Namely, pulling that truck out of the way so the police could get through safely. Webbing the front, he grunted as he pulled it forwards, the broken car lurching as he did. When it was pulled past, he let out a huff of exhaustion. "That thing's actually pretty heavy."

"Strange anomaly detected."

"Huh?" Peter turned towards the strange light on his HUD to find a strange crystal on the ground. It seemed to almost blink, as if its energies were swirling and warping within it despite its pristine, elegant structure. What was important to Peter, though, was that its readings were unreadable. "Okay. Suit can't detect that. That's not worrying at all." He approached the crystal, trying to look it over. "Yeah, okay, that looks dangerous. Karen, call Mr. Stark."

"Hi there, you've reached Anthony Edward Stark. Sorry I can't take your call right now. Either I'm on a hot date with my fiancee, working on my next big project or you're not worth my time to answer. I don't check my voicemail, so only leave a message if you think F.R.I.D.A.Y. will care enough to pick it up, because I don't. And here comes the beep." BEEP-

He hung up and sighed. "Dang it, Mr. Stark." He tried to look over the crystal more. "Well, I might be able to take it back myself-"

Spider-Man had been planning to web the crystal to keep it safe and swing over to Avengers Mansion. That wasn't happening. The moment his web touched the crystal, it seemed to shatter open, creating a whirling vortex in the air that Peter Parker was only able to look at for a moment before he was dragged through. "WHOA, WAIT-"

All that was left behind was a single piece of loose webbing.

IDDC Michael


Cold, hard metal slammed across the surface of the Spider-Suit as the teenager was sent sprawling across the surface of a gridded metal. "Ugh..." He slowly lifted himself up. "That kinda hurt. What did that crystal just..."

"...Karen, where are we?"

"Location: Unknown."

"Well, that's not good." Spider-Man rose to his feet, looking over the strange new area he found himself in.

An airship, flying above what looked like a boundless sea.


Chapter 1: Panic in the Sky

Convergence's initial community was very different from the community it has today. The co-owner of Convergence, Mechanist Gamma joined Convergence back in Summer 2018, the sixth roleplayer to join who's still in the community today. It was Gamma's penchant for world-spanning narratives and vast casts and worlds that led Convergence to become what it is today, all starting with the Marseilles arc. He now champions the new era of Convergence: Omniversal Heroes alongside Comic.

Want to join a community of other high-quality roleplayers? Join the Network! The roleplay server hub run by Mechanist Gamma, Nicepeachie and others keeps an integral, high-quality and empathetic community intact to tell strong and fun stories.

Follow Mechanist Gamma! And while you're at it, check out the let's play channel RPJohns!

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Arc 1: The Airship Arc Empty
PostSubject: Re: Arc 1: The Airship Arc   Arc 1: The Airship Arc Icon_minitimeFri Jan 31, 2020 7:47 pm

City of Yharnam, Night of the Hunt

The hunt of Yharnam had commenced. The streets were quiet, nary a soul to stir- pardoning a few crows, perched up on rafters and dim streetlamps. Their beady eyes focused on the only other living being on the street, a man dressed in black garbs, the trademark of any good hunter of Yharnam.

The crows cawed at the man, though caring to do little else. He likewise paid them little mind, but kept his saw-cleaver and blunderbuss close. The city was a horrid place, rife with those afflicted by a similarly  similarlyhorrid plague, turning men to beasts, reducing them to desires far too basic. Not even beasts themselves would find themselves immune, the rats crowding the sewers bloated and misshapen, some some crows too overgrown to lift themselves off the ground.

Though between the bricks of the street, lay something shining a radiant blue. Glittering in the sparse moonlight. An odd sight, unlike any the Hunter had seen- Though perhaps comparable to the messengers who groped at the lanterns that granted him passage to the dream.

Curiosity piqued, he approached with caution. Discovering a crystal of some sort illuminating the dull bricks around it. Reaching a hand towards it, he picked it up, investigating it for a moment. It didn’t seem to be much, though the bright azure it shone was an intense contrast to the deep crimsons the Hunter was acquainted to at this point. Perhaps he could find a use for it later. Question Gehrman or the Doll.

However, the man had failed to notice how the crystal grew even brighter as he grasped it. As he went to tuck it away in his coat pockets, the crystal suddenly burst, engulfing him in a sudden vortex. Hardly able to make a word out before he was gone, the crows spooked sufficiently- Flying off to find a new perch.

The street was once again empty.

IDDC Michael

The Hunter had fallen onto something hard, and metallic. It rung throughout his body as he pulled himself to his feet. “Bloody...What in the hell…” He mumbled, staring out to the horizon, clouds and sea whipping past where he was at a fast pace. Winds also whipped at his face, his coat ruffling in the wind, tricorne staying on only because he was holding on to it. His other hand was firmly on his cleavers handle, the Hunter expecting something to jump out at him at any minute.

That minute had not come yet as he glanced around. Whatever he was on was nothing like Yharnam, or anything the Hunter had quite ever seen. It was broad, constructed of metal, yet glided through the air over the ocean...was it a boat? No, the ocean was far beneath them. It couldn’t of been a boat. Unless it was an airboat? Those didn’t exist though. Was it some giant mechanical bird then?

“OI!” He called out. “THE HELL IS THIS ABOUT?!” Glancing around on the platform, he noticed one figure among them. In bright red and blue. Looked human. Sort of.

“OI YOU!” He called out once more, trying to get the attention of whoever this was. “WHO’RE YOU?!”

Clearly he was utterly confused, the Hunter unaware that the lad he was approaching was just as confused.

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PostSubject: Re: Arc 1: The Airship Arc   Arc 1: The Airship Arc Icon_minitimeFri Jan 31, 2020 10:27 pm

Eastern Tokyo, Kinshi Park
“Where is Asahi?!” a loud voice demanded, overcoming the waves of noise within the park. There was a massive commotion going on, conflict unfolding at the entrance to the ‘fountain area.’ No water flowed through the fountain, and the statue that once stood atop it had been reduced to rubble.

On one side of the fountain stood only two people. Both of them looked relatively human. The shorter one looked like a boy, his dark hair swept to the side, and his deep green eyes piercing into his foes. On his cheek was an equally green scar, along with a marking on his hand that somewhat resembled a clover. His attire seemed to consist of a dark green uniform of some sort- one of the ‘traditional’ suits of hunter gear. He was giving the enemy a deadly glare from across the fountain, a sword in his hands.

The other human standing next to him was a bit taller, and definitely looked older, but not by too much. Her long, blonde hair was draped over her shoulders, a green visor resting on her eyes. She wore a tight red leather motorcycle jacket, a tan cloak hanging on her left shoulder and gently blowing in the breeze. Wrapped tightly around her red padded pants was a belt, designed for holding gun ammunition- likely the shotgun in her hands. Compared to the boy, she looked calm, cool, and collected, but still wasn’t above giving the enemy a cold stare.

On the opposite side of the fountain stood a horde of demons. On the front lines was a demon that the humans had had several run-ins with before- Adramelech. The bipedal monstrosity had the feet of a bird, the body of a human, the head of a horse, and the quill feathers of a peacock. It was grinning sassily at the two hunters, obviously feeling smug. Behind him was a group of other demons, of all different sizes and types, though the most common one seemed to be Katakirauwa- levitating purple pig demons that weren’t too combat savvy.

“I asked you a question!” the dark-haired boy shouted again, raising his blade, but Adramelech wasn’t at all intimidated. Instead, the demon gave a distorted chuckle.

“Your friend is at the temple. She’ll be alright, as long as you’re willing to surrender to us,” the demon said. “Come on, god-boy, I’m giving you a choice here.”

“That’s not a choice. That’s an ultimatum,” Nozomi corrected, cocking her shotgun, ready to fire at a moment’s notice. “And a nasty one, at that. You’re horrible.”

“I’m so flattered you think so!” the demon laughed in reply, waving a hand dismissively at them. “Mm. Well. If you won’t comply, I’ll just use force. You humans look so funny when you die, after all. You rip apart like paper.”

“Damn sadist…” the boy said through grit teeth. The demons on the other side on the fountain began to creep closer, trying to conceal themselves in the shadows if possible. Nanashi had already analyzed this situation. None of the other demons were actually a threat- they were all weaker ones that probably thought they’d try and get a free meal by licking Adramelech’s filthy boots.

Nanashi raised his sword, and then charged, bringing it down on one of the demons in the shadows. Its blood hit the ground as its body was split in two. He could hear the sound of a shotgun being fired behind him, Nozomi’s doing, no doubt. Despite the quantity of demons around him, they weren’t much trouble, and he soon found himself carving through them by the dozen. The pool of demon blood on the ground grew larger with each swing of the blade, but the demons didn’t stop coming, desperate to lock in the kill.

Nanashi turned around. He wasn’t achieving anything by killing these henchmen- he needed to get to Adramelech before the coward ran off. When he looked at the spot that the horde leader had previously occupied, he was no longer there, walking off, attempting to leave the park- not unexpected, but very inconvenient. The Godslayer ran off after the demon at top speed, his bright green scars glowing with rage. He rounded a corner to continue giving chase, but felt a hand wrap around his throat and lift him into the air.

“So silly,” Adramelech taunted, breathing out a puff of fire, singing Nanashi’s hand and causing him to drop his sword. “Pitiful, too. I should have left you corpse-like ages ago. I wonder, can that godly friend of yours revive you even if you’re crispy, and tender on the inside?”


Nanashi’s eyes shut tight as he head the loud noise emanate from behind him. He heard Adramelch cry out in agony, and when he opened his eyes, he could see why. The demon was missing an eye, blood dripping from his face, but still had a tight grip on the boy’s throat. Everything was getting blurry…


Nanashi felt himself get dropped, and hit the ground with a thud. He eagerly took in new oxygen, looking around as he wiped his eyes, trying to grasp the situation. He was Nozomi with her shotgun raised, the barrel smoking slightly after pumping two shells into the demon’s face. Adramelech was still standing, and looked infuriated. Crimson fire spewed from the corner of his mouth, ready to char the hunters to a crisp.

A little slower than he usually would be, Nanashi grabbed his sword from off the ground, lunging at the sadistic demon with a shout. He plunged the blade deep into Adramelech’s flesh, dragging it downward, splitting him open down the middle.


One last shotgun shell put the beast down for good. The body collapsed to the ground in a heap, and Nanashi immediately felt a hand on his shoulder.

“Hey, are you alright? He had a bit of a hold on your neck there,” a comforting voice spoke to him. He looked over at Nozomi, who was smiling at him kindly, despite the fact that they’d just battled a demonic general.

“I’m alright…” Nanashi assured her, clearing his throat as he rolled his shoulder. “We should take care of the rest of those demons, now.”

“No need. The rest of them ran off the moment they saw their big boss was in trouble,” Nozomi informed him. “We should head back to the Hunter’s Association now. We need to compile all the data we have so we can try and rescue Asahi. Gaston and Hallelujah should have gotten some info by scouting the temple.”

“Yeah. You’re right,” Nanashi nodded, looking down at the ground. “Do you think she’s safe?”

“She’s a big girl. She can keep herself alive, even in the hands of demons,” Nozomi assured her friend. “I’m sure Asahi’s fine.”

“I suppose so,” Nanashi said, but still wasn’t smiling. He wasn’t very good at looking at the positives. All he could focus on was the fact that his friend was sealed away in some kind of demon’s temple. His gaze didn’t move from the ground below, but it was for a different reason now. Something had caught his eye- something shiny, and blue. A gemstone…?

He kneeled to pick it up, but the second his skin touched the blue crystal, he felt something aggressively dragging him backwards, and then he was airborne. He looked back, and just a split second before he was swallowed, he saw the vortex.

IDDC Michael

Nanashi felt himself get thrown out of a similar vortex to the one he’d been sucked into, and then it was gone. He saw Nozomi, too, and they were both falling for a moment before he felt himself hit the… ground? It was metal, and he landed in a relatively awkward position. His back tensed up, and he grit his teeth, hoping the pain would subside. Nozomi, however, seemed just fine, standing up and brushing off her leather jacket, before realizing Nanashi had a rough landing.

She approached him, kneeling. “You alright?” she asked. “Looks like the ground hit you pretty hard there, hunter.”

“I’m alright,” he lied, pushing himself up into a sitting position. “But… where are we?”
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PostSubject: Re: Arc 1: The Airship Arc   Arc 1: The Airship Arc Icon_minitimeSat Feb 01, 2020 9:43 pm

Ponyville, Equestria

It had been a typical day in Ponyville, well typical may not have been the right word as for one Alicorn it had been a rather special day. Twilight Sparkle, the Princess of Friendship along with her assistant & best friend Spike the dragon walked along the town's streets; each seemed to have multiple bags held which contained several items that seemed fitting for some kind of festive event. And something special had indeed been planned as Twilight gathered items and gifts for her dear friend Pinkie Pie; one the heroic Mane Six along with Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Applejack & Rarity that protected the magical land of Equestria from danger and more importantly one of her dearest friends. And on this day it happened to be Pinkie's birthday as Twilight wanted to go the extra mile to make it as special a day for her as possible.
Though while Twilight had the benefit of using her magical telekinesis to lift the bags, the young dragon Spike lacked such a assist and had to move them by hand. Much to his annoyance and he had not been shy to make that clear.

"Ug....remind me again why we have to do this? Couldn't she just settle on a card and a good cake or something?" Spike said, or rather whined as he tried to keep all the bags from both falling over or breaking the young dragon's back. Though his reply merely caused Twilight to roll her eyes.

"Because Spike it is Pinkie's birthday today. And our friend deserves something a little more special than just that don't you think?" Twilight asked as they walked along their path as Twilight had planned to meet with Rarity by the bakery to pick out an ideal cake for the event. Though even the prospect of meeting his crush did little to settle the mood.

"I get that, but Pinkie could take a ribbon and run wild with it. I don't think we need to go this extreme, feels like overkill...especially on my back." Spike complained all the more as Twilight sighed in irritation.

"Ask me this, if this were Rarity's birthday would you have these same objections?" Twilight asked with a sly grin as Spike had a visible blush on his face as he grumbled but had kept his complaints quiet. Besides, they'd be meeting Rarity soon enough so he had to look strong to try and impress her.

However, the two soon stumbled upon what appeared to be a curious item on the ground. Some sort of crystal, a shining one at that, which caused Twilight to become intrigued as she picked it up with her glowing horn's magic while she set the bags aside and brought it closer to her.

"What is this?" Twilight asked herself, though before she had a moment to dwell on the thought the crystal glowed brighter and in a flash Twilight vanished out of thin air much to Spike's confusion and worry.


IDDC Michael

The portal that sucked up Twilight opened up, as the frantic Alicorn had practically been spat out before she stumbled and slammed against what seemed to be some sort of metal surface. Twilight felt her head was light from the blow but quickly worked to try and shake the cobwebs as the portal closed and she found herself on an unfamiliar place. Seemed like some sort of ship, but that familiarity faded when she saw clouds in the distance as it seemed they were in the sky.

"A ship that can fly, what kind of magic is this?" Twilight thought to herself as she moved on her hooves and trotted about the deck as she scanned trying to see if she could find someone, anyone who could clue her into what just happened.
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PostSubject: Re: Arc 1: The Airship Arc   Arc 1: The Airship Arc Icon_minitimeSun Feb 02, 2020 3:37 am


Bowser's Castle


The Mushroom Kingdom, known for it's colorful landscapes, strange inhabitants like the Shroomian people...and how evil the turtles can be, known as Koopa Troopa's to others within the land. And in the far out regions in the lava covered volcanoes that house as the home of the Koopa King Bowser, and acts as a base of his army...known to be heavily guarded inside and out... alarm began to blare.



The clicking of heels against the ground could be heard, as a girl with a large pink dress, blond yellow hair, and a crown ran down them, her gloved covered hands currently gripping to the edges of her dress, in order to make sure that she didn't accidentally take a stumble and fall while fleeing from any possible pursuers that could spot her.

This was a...common thing for the Mushroom Kingdom's monarch, Princess Peach Toadstool. Castle get's crashed by the Koopa King, he kidnaps her, Mario rescues her, a cake is baked, rinse and repeat roughly every other week.

"'s a good thing I brought a hairpin with me this time around~" She thought to herself, a small smile apparent on her face as she kept running, jumping on platforms every now and then when they appeared, dodging Fire Bar's...and stomping on the occasional rookie Goomba. Not much farther until she was at the entrance of the large fortress..she could practically taste it, though she did also grab a nearby Fire Flower from a nearby ? Block.

"C'mon Peach, not much further..." She thought to herself as she grunted from jumping down from a tall platform, she ran down a long hallway, the exit in sight...

...before a bright crystal near the door caught her eye, causing her to skid to a stop. " what on Earth is this?" She slowly approached it, picking it up...a large vortex suddenly appeared once she touched it, beginning to pull her in.

She let out one loud, frightened yell, before she was fully pulled in. "MAAAAAAAAAAAARIOOOOOO-"


IDDC Michael


The portal opened up, the Princess...somehow landing rather gracefully from it onto her feet onto the surface. The girl looked around in confusion, not finding the area familiar at all to her, or at least the least she could breathe, that was at least one good thing.

It appeared that she was on the deck of some sort of ship, but didn't seem like any of the Airships she's been on before, though she did see a couple of people nearby, frowning a little.

" who are those people...?"

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PostSubject: Re: Arc 1: The Airship Arc   Arc 1: The Airship Arc Icon_minitimeSun Feb 02, 2020 6:25 am

High Charity, The Council Chambers
Master Chief

“There is still time to stop the key from turning, but first it must be found… you will search one likely spot, and you will search another.”

The echo of the Gravemind’s voice reverberated through Chief’s skull as he found himself feeling a sense of weightlessness, his body being transported across time and space by the teleportation grid Halo provided, which the Flood mastermind seemed to have been able to tap into.

“Fate had us meet as foes, but this ring will make us brothers.”


“-The great journey is nigh, and nothing. Not even the Flood can stop it.”
The sensation of weightlessness lifted as gravity tugged on the Spartan, and out of the teleportation portal he fell, slamming on his shoulder and rolling onto his knee, kneeling down and coming to a halt.
He lifted his gaze to see a Grunt in front of him, standing before a digital projector, staring back at the Spartan in paralyzed fear.

John let his gaze sweep across the room he’d just entered. It was expansive, as most Covenant vessels were. Two sets of balconies on either side of him rose up, making it clear this was some kind of council room of sorts.
He was quick to spot out the two Prophets sitting in their hover chairs in the center of the room, two Brutes in honor guard armor on either side, all also looking on in a similar fashion as the Grunt at the sudden arrival of a human in the heart of their holy city.
His gaze flitted back down to the Grunt, who defensively raised a needler to aim at the Chief. To disarm the creature took only one word.


With a cry of pure terror, the Grunt threw his arms up, launching his weapon sky-high and taking off running, screaming his head off. John rose to his feet in one fluid moment, catching the needler deftly in the air and aimed it at the Prophets, who were immediately shielded by the two Brutes.
“Kill the demon.” One of the Prophets hissed before the platform they both hovered over suddenly lowered into the ground, an elevator of some sort that was quickly sealed over by a thick sheet of periwinkle metal.
Just like that, his chance to wipe out the Covenant leadership was gone. Now he’d have to scour through the largest ship in existence to hunt them down and take them out.
For now, however, he needed to deal with the immediate threat of two Brutes stomping menacingly toward him wielding crimson plasma rifles, and the team of Grunts trying to flank him, accompanied by the Grunt he’d gotten his needler from.

“The faster you can kill those Brutes the better.” Cortana advised the silent Chief as he opened fire on the one directly in front of him, unloading his entire clip. The alien attempted to sidestep the incoming pink crystals, but they honed onto him through the air, and one after another shred its way through his thick fur and into his flesh.
Once the entire clip was lodged in his abdomen, they simultaneously erupted in a massive explosion, clouding the creature in pink mist.
Out of said mist launched two halves of the Brute who’d been easily ripped in half.

“GRAAAAH!” The second Brute roared, tossing aside his plasma rifle and slamming the floor, dropping on all fours, making a sudden charge at the Chief like a crazed Gorilla. The beast was nearly twice the Spartan’s side, outmatching him vastly in strength.
Regardless of the odds, John tucked the needler to his hip, taking a step back, and just when the Brute was near enough, throwing a massive hairy arm…
The Chief leaped, clearing over the Brute with ease, stretching out his arms to wrap around the Brute’s neck, and pulled with all the strength he could muster.

A wet snap echoed in the chamber as the Brute’s head was detached from its neck, peeling away with the sickening sound of a plunger. Chief dropped to the ground, tossing the Brute’s head aside as its body collapsed in a heap directly in front of the team of Grunts, who stared at its headless body before taking off screaming, as per usual.
Slapping a fresh crystal clip into his new Needler, the Master Chief rushed forward, easily wiping out the remaining Covenant forces with only a single clip.

He stooped over to collect a plasma pistol lying on the ground. According to his Heads-Up Display, or HUD for short, it still had a nearly full charge. That would be useful. He magnetically attached it to his hip when a voice boomed through some sort of intercom system, clearly belonging to a Brute judging from the low, throaty growls that made its words.

“The demon has infiltrated the council chamber!” It roared. “Protect the Hierarchs. Seal the exits!”
“Oh, I don’t think so.” Cortana sounded amused as she said this to John, who made no reply, collecting some needler ammunition off a dead Grunt, before the hum of an automatic door sounded, and he looked up.
Several Grunts were streaming into the room from four different locations, and he was quick to notice two more Brutes entering the room from up on the council seats, these two wielding deadly weapons he recognized all too well. Brute Shots, a type of Covenant grenade launcher.

“You had to open your mouth.” John told his AI companion, who only tsked back at him in reply. The Spartan dashed toward the nearest Grunt, pulling an arm back and caving its skull in with a punch, using the same hand to grab the front of its armor and toss it into the next Grunt close by.
Dealing with Grunts proved to be in vain, however, as the Brutes displayed just how little they cared for the Covenant canon fodder by opening fire, explosions erupting around the Chief, who yanked an item off his back and threw it to the ground.

A bubble shield was produced around John, who was safe inside as the Grunts on the exterior were blown apart by their allies.
A second passed before the explosions ceased, and the Spartan knew the Brutes were reloading. He took off with inhuman speed out of the bubble shield, kicking off of the ground and launching himself into the nearby stands, landing directly in front of a Brute, who began frantically trying to reload.
Chief was having none of it, raising a foot and slamming it into the head of the brute shot. The weapon had a blade attached to the back end, as was accustomed with most Brute-designed weaponry, made for more personal, bloody, and gruesome kills.

A good five inches of the blade sank into the Brute’s midsection as John attached his needler to his other hip, grabbed the weapon, and brought it upwards. The blade tore through the Brute’s chest, disemboweling him and spraying the Spartan in brick-red blood.
During this encounter, the second Brute had managed to reload and was aiming with dastardly intentions at John.

“Watch out!” Cortana warned the Spartan, who was already in the process of raising the brute shot. They both fired at the same time. Chief, with his smaller and more agile frame, was able to step aside and avoid the explosive while the Brute was not so fortunate.
With an eruption, the Brute’s chest cavity was suddenly on display for the world to see, blow open by his comrade’s weapon. John lowered the brute shot, and gazed about at the carnage, searching for his next target, which he didn’t find. The room had been cleared.


“Put me down on one of those pedestals near the door.”
The Spartan rose to his feet, stowing ammunition and plasma grenades away on his personal. Equipped with a brute shot on his back, a needler on one thigh, a plasma pistol on the other and a plasma rifle in his left hand, and made his way to the exit door, which was glowing red, a clear indication that it was locked.
He stopped at said pedestal, raising his hand to hover above it, allowing Cortana to infiltrate High Charity’s systems with ease, her holographic form appearing.

She took a second, raising a hand to her chin before looking up at her Spartan protector. “That Prophet, Truth. He has the index. You’ve got to take it from him. Let me get these doors…” Her voice trailed off as her form frowned, which the Chief noticed. “What is it?” He asked.
“I’m detecting a powerful surge of energy just beyond this door. It’s… no, that can’t be right…” She paused. “It’s giving off slipspace signatures, but these readings are off the charts, I’ve never seen anything like it.”
“Then what do we do?” He asked. There was another pause before Cortana answered him. “I’m going to open these doors. If anything bad happens, promise me you’ll come right back here?”

“I promise.” He answered. The doors red lights shifted to a pleasant blue, and with a soft hum they parted open.
...Nothing happened. With his plasma rifle raised, the Spartan slowly entered the next room to find himself in a hallway with a rather simple, yet elegant decor. Nothing at all seemed out of the ordinary for a Covenant vessel, but there were also no Covenant infantry rushing on his position, which was strange within itself.
“Chief, you’re right on top of the energy source.” Cortana informed through their shared comm link. Confused, the Spartan raised his gaze to the ceiling, half expecting to see… well, something. Frowning, John instead lowered his gaze to the floor, and what he saw piqued his interest.

A small crystalline object, only about the size of his pinky finger, lying on the ground as though discarded. It was curiously out-of-place. “Chief, that’s the signature.”

With a glance down the hallway, seeing nothing coming, the Chief bent a knee, cocking his head slightly to the side, raising an armored hand toward the strange gem, and plucked it off the ground.
His HUD magnified the item, scanning it as thoroughly as it could, but despite matching slipspace signatures, nothing of recognition came up.

All errors.

“Cortana, I need-”

Cortana didn’t get to learn what John needed of her, as the crystal was quick to suddenly burst, erupting like a fragmentation grenade, shattering into a swirling vortex of clashing indigo and turquoise. Without the chance to even let another word out, the Spartan was swallowed whole, and the moment he was gone, the portal vanished just as quickly as it had erupted, leaving a stunned Cortana in its wake.


IDDC Michael
Master Chief

For the second time in less than an hour, Chief felt himself hurtling through time and space. The sensation of gravity returning to him was becoming more and more familiar, and with this knowledge, he managed to twist in the air, just right enough that when he was thrown out of the portal, he landed on his feet heavily, knees buckling under his own extensive weight. He dropped to a knee, fist slamming into the metal floor for support.

His HUD was haywire, glitching in and out for a few moments, before it was restored. What it told him was an immediate conclusion that he’d probably just gone through some other form of Halo’s teleportation grid. The air was breathable. A little more oxygen than the usual amount present on Earth, and a tad bit more nitrogen. Still perfect enough for life, and life usually meant enemies more than it did allies in his experience.
Slowly, the Master Chief rose to his feet, HUD detecting the wind speeds that would usually be a bit of an annoyance to normal humans. Nothing deadly, and his body was virtually unaffected by even stronger winds.

His gaze immediately fell on two individuals, almost directly in front of him. A thin boy with light brown hair and a young blonde woman. The boy was on the ground, the woman kneeling before him. From a simple deduction by observation, John could only assume these people had arrived in a similar fashion as he had. Through the teleportation grid.
He shifted his focus to another pair of individuals

One appeared to be a man clad in heavy cloth and leather of blacks and greys, a unique hat sitting upon his head, concealing any visage of his face alongside the homemade balaclava that covered it.
He was shouting at a slender, smaller form. A human, from the looks of it, wearing a unique polyform-design of latex, red, blue, and black in color. The small symbol of a spider rested on his front.
There also happened to be another woman, wearing a fluffy pink press with equally fluffy blonde hair.
Any normal person would have deeply questioned this scenario, but the Spartan had learned to just roll with the punches.

They appeared to be on a ship of some sort, the top of one at least. What classification of ship was a mystery to the Chief. It wasn’t UNSC, Covenant, nor Forerunner. Completely foreign to his knowledge.

Before he could do much else, his HUD informed him of the portal's energy signature appearing on his six, and he quickly spun on his heel, raising his plasma rifle defensively as yet another vortex opened, spewing out the sixth visitor atop the vessel.

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Ridley ate nacho

What should’ve been a quick mission had devolved into a situation that had quickly left Samus’s hands. She had only been in the area, getting a message that a nearby federation research station was under attack.

There was no indication they were space pirates. And while most of the grunts went down easy, there was one pirate that wouldn’t go down, time and time again. Ridley.

It was the two of them now, though Samus was underprepared. She hadn’t brought her full arsenal with her, not being paranoid enough to do so- the most powerful weapon she had was her skill...and missiles. But not a lot of them.

Ridley meanwhile revelled in this. Crawling over shattered glass, broken apart in the conflict. “Samus Aran...Where have you gone, little Aran…” His claws clattered on the metal floor, crushing the shards of glass all the while. The draconic pirate let out a low growl. “Why do you hide? Do you not desire to kill me for all I’ve done? I know I wish to slaughter you. I’ll gut you and steal that armor as a trophy. So all will know who the great Ridley had slain.”

His words didn’t pierce. They hadn’t pierced Samus for a long time. It was just how Ridley was. What would pierce were his barbed tail and claws. Which were one corner away from her. And he was getting closer.

A click of his claws. A huff of his breath. The draconic alien came closer and closer. Samus had a plan to deal with this.

Three taps of the claws above her head. And then his horrible head, teeth gutting and maw agape. “I’ve found yo-”

He was cut off, as something he really should’ve seen coming slammed into his head- a huge blast of energy from her power beam. Immediately pushed away, slamming his head into the wall. But Samus wasn’t done yet, firing off three missiles one after the other to blast him into the wall, out of her vision. She let out a breath. He probably wasn’t dead- Ridley was annoyingly resistant -But the bounty hunter had a moment to breath.

Or so she thought.

With strength and agility far from what she had expected, Ridley had smashed his way out of the wall once more, roaring in pure rage. Samus shot a few piddling power shots, none enough to impede Ridley’s rampage. Before she knew it, one of his scaly claws were wrapped around her, and she was tossed into a wall herself. Smashing through, her suit’s sensors lighting up like a christmas tree. Unhelpfully telling her that it’s energy was nearly depleted.

“Clever, little Aran. But you’ll find I’m far too strong to fall to parlor tricks such as that.” Samus had a good look at Ridley, his face visibly scorched by the shot, but otherwise he was mostly intact. Annoyingly resistant.

Though a more helpful blip showed up in her visor- one that marked an energy source behind her. Glancing away from Ridley for a moment, she found what the pirates had been after on the small base- a small, blue crystal. A very potent one, considering her sensor had marked it’s energy source to be an estimated...It had to be a bug, but it kept reading nine after nine after nine. Billions of units of energy, far surpassing anything the Chozo had made. Considering how it was stored in some sort of stasis tank, she assumed it was also volatile- and she didn’t have many options here.

If she would die, she would do it taking out the scourge of the galaxy. A single power shot was enough to melt the containing glass. She could hear Ridley getting closer. “To think, your struggles all for naught…”

She had grabbed the crystal now. It crackled a bit in her grip.

“I’ve waited far too long for this. Any last words, Aran?” Ridley lumbered over her, maw flaring with searing plasma, tail poised to impale her.

In the first words she had exchanged in the entire encounter, she concisely said-

“Burn in hell.”

Tossing the crystal, firing at it. Not that it was necessary- even as Ridley’s tail surged forward, the crystal burst, an all encompassing vortex sucking the both of them in, along with various debris from the conflict.

The station was quiet once more, now only filled with bodies of the unfortunate scientists and the pirates who had slaughtered them in the first place.



One good thing was Samus wasn’t dead.

The bad thing was that Ridley wasn’t dead either.

Slamming down atop another ship, Samus was lucky enough to land just on the edge. Ridley was not, and caught off guard- seemingly forgetting his ability to fly in pure shock. The bounty hunter watched as he free fell into the ocean, roaring all the while, left in the dust of whatever she had hitched a ride on. An impact splash indicated he was in the water. That was likely not the last she’d see of him, though considering the state of her suit, that was for the better.

Turning around to face her surroundings, she noticed that there was a rifle pointed at her face. The man holding it seemed vaguely like a standard federation grunt, though the muted green didn’t really remind her of any standard suit’s color.

“Stand down. I’m not in for a fight.”

She was hoping this was not a shoot first type person.
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Counta Bade
Darth Vader

“Lord Vader.”

The Dark Lord of the Sith didn’t move, his back to the Imperial Officer as he stared out of the bridge, staring out at the stars. Vader’s thoughts rested not on the present, but in the past. Five years ago, precisely. He could see her, clear as day, so vividly…


“Padmé...” The Sith breathed out in reply to the voice only he could hear. The Officer standing behind him appeared confused, and reasonably so, a bit of sweat lining his brow. “S-sir…?”
At this point, Darth Vader noticed the Officer’s presence, and slightly turned his head over his shoulder.
“Y-your shuttle is ready... Lord Vader.” He informed. Vader turned his gaze back to the stars, before glancing toward the planet just at the edge of his view within the bridge. It was smaller than most inhabited planets, but larger than most moons. The Emperor had sent him here to further Vader’s training. He was to collect an ancient Sith artifact from deep within an ancient Sith temple. He’d been informed that there was likely various defenses within, as well as undead Sith warriors.

Wordlessly, Lord Vader turned on his heel and swept past the Officer, black cape billowing behind him as he went.

In a matter of minutes, his TIE Fighter was roaring down to the surface of the planet, several Imperial Shuttles following behind. The most they could do was set up a defensive perimeter around the landing site. None would survive the first steps into a Sith tomb so ancient.


“Anakin… why…?”

“I’m sorry.”

“The landing site is secured, Lord Vader.” A different Officer stood behind the Sith this time, arm raised in salute as Vader stared across the surface of the planet. It consisted of many dark stones, with a blood red sky and low-hanging black clouds. The place held a very dark, very intimidating aura. The Imperials were scared out of their wits.

“Good. You will wait for me to return.”
That was the kind of order you could expect from Darth Vader. He was brutally simple, fast, and efficient. He cared little to dive into long-winded conversations. Under most circumstances, he would allow the Force to do the talking for him.
“Yes, Lord Vader.” The Officer lowered his salute, hand shaking, sweat staining his uniform as Darth Vader began his journey, walking briskly away from the landing zone to a nearby mountain, each step filled with reluctant purpose.


The dark side was powerful here. He could sense it trying to crush him from all sides. Trying to overtake his mind. Feed off of his emotions. He had learned how to close those off when necessary, however. Try as this ancient place might, it would not break the Dark Lord of the Sith. The temple had been carved into the face of the mountain, hollowing it out, and extending for miles below…
Miles which he could pass through easily, for Vader had come to a stop at a collapse in the tunnel floor. A look down told him all he needed. The inky void beyond could be easily seen through Vader’s digital lenses, everything highlighted and illuminated.

Without hesitation, Darth Vader stepped down into the hole, and found himself immediately in free fall, cape billowing violently behind him as he dropped, his respirator displaying his calmness as he dropped. There were several walkways below him for different levels of the temple that he chose to skip. He did not care to be put through these tests.
Using the force to guide him, steering by his obstacles with ease, and finding the ground fast approaching.

His descent slowed to a near-halt as Vader used the force to land softly on the ground, directly in front of the mouth of a massive pillar. Inside, he could see a pedestal, and on it sat his objective. The ancient Sith artifact.
By this point, he could hear the whispers. The voice of the dark side beckoning him inside. Telling him the power to destroy Palpatine lay within. The power to bring Padmé back. The power to finally find peace.

Darth Vader strode into the room, looking down at the artifact in interest. A small blue crystal, easily the size of a small kyber crystal. A swirling mass lay inside, and he could feel the surge of power within. It was more power than he’d ever sensed before, sitting here before him, just waiting to be taken…
He reached his hand out to pluck it off of the pedestal, but something interrupted him-

The sound of a lightsaber igniting.

Vader slowly turned to face his adversary, finding himself face to face with what appeared to be a decrepit old man, wielding a crimson saber, glaring past it at the Dark Lord, who simply stared back until the man spoke.
His voice was loud, but ancient, cracked with age and seemed to reverberate within Vader’s own mind.

“You defile this place with your presence, Jedi.”

“I have destroyed the Jedi.” Vader corrected.

“You ARE a Jedi.” The old man replied, his face splitting into a toothy grin, full of much, grime, and prehistoric blood.
This was getting old fast. Calmly, Vader’s lightsaber detached from his hip and flew into his hand, the scarlet saber igniting. “Then you are a fool.” He replied. The man only continued to grin wickedly. “Think again.” He replied.

At that moment, the sounds of more sabers igniting filled the air, ten to twenty at a time, the interior of the pillar suddenly lighting up with red. Looking up, Darth Vader could see the walls were crawling with more beings like the old man. Old, depraved, and disgusting, all wielding the lightsaber of a Sith. These must be the Sith warriors Palpatine referred to.
The old man cackled as the hundreds, possibly thousands, of Sith began to leap off the walls, cascading themselves down upon Vader.

The whispers screamed in his head, crying out for him to grab the crystal. It was his only way to survive. The only way to win. The only way to defeat Palpatine. The only way to save Padme…
The world seemed to visually distort around Vader for a moment, before he raised his free arm, and a ‘THOOM’ sounded in the air, a force shockwave blasting from his fist. The attacking undead were thrown back as a collective, sabers colliding with weak limbs. This one attack nearly wiped out the entire army of Sith warriors.
“I believe you are outnumbered.” Darth Vader told the old man, who was climbing back to his feet, swinging his saber about in anger.

It didn’t take long for the remaining undead to recover, and continue their pursuit of Vader, practically throwing themselves at him, climbing over each other just to get cleanly cut down by his blade.
In a matter of moments, a pile of bodies surrounded Vader. All destroyed save for the old man, who was cackling at Vader. “You will never win, Jedi!” He yelled, the Sith Lord calmly approaching him, a long dark shadow cast behind him over his carnage.

“You will never save Padm-”
One slice, and another voice silenced for eternity. Darth Vader watched as the old man collapsed, head rolling a few feet to the left.
Undeterred, Darth Vader returned to the pillar, approaching the crystal. Slowly, it lifted into the air and approached him, shining brightly. What appeared to be an entire universe swirled inside, complete with different galaxies and colored stars.

The power to kill his master.

The power to save Padmé...

IDDC Michael
Darth Vader, Master Chief

The station was on high alert. The very things they’d been working to stop had just arrived on their doorstep. Multiple portals opening here and there all around the ship, depositing unknown beings of unknown power and unknown morals. All enemies until proven otherwise.
The IDPF (Inter-Dimensional Police Force) worked to stop this very thing from happening.

Armor was put on, weapons were locked and loaded, teams were being divided up, they were about ready to storm the exterior of the vessel and capture all of the unwanted beings…
Until word of another came to them. One within the ship. One destroying what they had.

And so, their task was to bring him down. This intruder had become priority number one.
One who had introduced himself as a ‘Darth Vader’.


Swiftly, the man was cut in two, his body falling uselessly to the side as another officer opened fire on the tall, imposing form, yelling as he did so. Vader raised his hand, and every single shot fizzled into nothing as the Sith Lord continued his march forward, and cut this man down too.
“He’s almost to the bridge! Seal all the doors!” A voice yelled over the intercom.

Darth Vader came to a stop as a thick metal door slammed down in front of him with a loud hiss, blocking his path. Through a small window in the middle of the door, he watched the hall beyond fill up with more units.

“He’s not gonna get through that, right?” One soldier asked, glancing to his partner on the left as they stared at Vader. “Nah.” The other replied. “We got second squad flanking him. He won’t be standing much longer.”
And as they watched, the tall dark man moved from the window. Gunshots fired, screams echoed, and the sound of energy tearing through material could be heard. Then- it all stopped.
A moment of deafening silence befell their ears.

“You think he’s-” The soldier never got to finish his sentence as the blast door suddenly shot back up into the ceiling, and a glowing crimson blade flew through the air, swinging like a boomerang. Immediately, several men lost their heads, collapsing into heaps as Vader strode into the room, the lightsaber returning to his hand as the remainders opened fire. It was useless, however, the attacks all being deflected effortlessly by the Sith.
With the flick of his wrist, one of the men went flying toward Vader, and was subsequently impaled, his body then used as a shield by Vader while he continued to calmly approach the last three men.
“He’s almost to the bridge! How can we stop this guy!?”

“You cannot.” Darth Vader replied grimly.


Chief stared at the figure for a moment. Judging by the voice, it was a she. Judging by the armor... it was large, clunky, and battle-damaged... could it be some type of prototype MJLONIR armor? Or an older model pre-dating even the Spartan-I's?
Whatever the case may be, she made it clear she was an ally. Chief usually was pretty good at getting a read on people within the first second of meeting them, and immediately, he knew he could believe her.

Without hesitation, the plasma rifle was lowered as he stared down at the smaller woman. "Your pal." He nodded with his head to the side of the ship where Ridley had cascaded past. "He coming back?"
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Name: Hiro
Location: Kuzco's Castle, Ancient Kingdom


A young man with an odd key-shapped blade unleashed a powerful blast of electricity right at this monstrous white titan of a creature. One nearly two stories tall, with no mouth, no face and no name. Simply one of the Forsaken, beings forgotten and who lost their identity, and at the moment the last of a wave that had been sent to the world of the Ancient Kingdom to retrieve some "subjects" for a purpose no one had figured out yet. Where Emperor Kuzco ruled over, though at the moment he simply observed with a commoner in a lama, for reasons that had confused the young man upon his arrival to the world.
And the aforementioned wielder of the odd blade was named Hiroshi. Though he usually had gone by Hiro, and he was one of a young trio who were selected to be the newest Keyblade Wielders. Warriors who used the legendary Keyblade and traveled worlds over to protect the residents of each from all forms of darkness or evil wherever it may be. Though while those dark beings who lost their figurative hearts in the Heartless or those empty shells known as Nobodies had been common. These Forsaken had been an anomaly that puzzled Hiro and his friends even now.

But that mattered little, as Hiro focused on finishing the job here and now. As the giant Forsaken wobbled back, damaged from the force of the thunder strike as Hiro was quick to follow it up as he jumped high in the air and rose his Keyblade known as Total Eclipse high in the air, before he fell down and drove the Keyblade right in the middle of the monster's forehead. The move seemed to be the finishing strike, as the creature slowly dissipated as Hiro landed on his feet; satisfied as he recalled his Keyblade which vanished out of thin air. Though something else had caught his eye, this unusual shard that seemed to shimmer against the light. Could it have been left by the fallen Forsaken?

Hiro never got that answer, because the moment he went to investigate, a bizarre portal opened and sucked him away before he even had a chance to call out his Keyblade.
Name: Erza Scarlet
Location: Tenrou Island, Fiore

Roar of the Fire Dragon!

"Fairy Burst!"

Tenrou Island, a seemingly isolated island off the mainland known as Fiore, served as more than it appears. As it was the sight of Fairy Tail's S-Class Promotional Trials. Fairy Tail, the number one Mage's Guild in all the land, held these promotions on this island annually and this particular exam had been just as fierce as any before. An intense clash between S-Class Mage Erza Scarlet and aspiring S-Class Mage & Dragon Slayer Natsu Dragneel rocked the island as both fought each other with great intensity. In spite of Natsu's improvements, Erza seemed one step ahead of him at seemingly every exchange of the battle which forced Natsu to go for broke as he fired a powerful stream of fire at Erza. In response, the Requip mage shifted into her Armadura Fairy Armor as she channeled fairy magic into her twin blades and charged forward as powerful magic produced a battering ram like effect as she clashed against the bulk of Natsu's spell. The two pushed against each other, but soon Erza's charge overpowered the roar as Erza pushed through it and slammed into Natsu; stabbing into flashy sides with her blades as her magic sent Natsu flying back as he slammed through a tree into the ground.
Natsu was finished, as Erza landed on her feet and shifted into her standard Heart Kreuz Armor as she folded her arms over her chest plate and observed Natsu as he slowly tried to shake the cobwebs out of his head.

"You were good Natsu, but I'm afraid you'll have to try your luck next year to see if you are ready reach that next level." Erza said as she gave her quick evaluation and began to walk to help her fellow mage up, only to notice a strange shard that seemed discard on the ground. Before Erza knew it, a portal opened up and in spite of her efforts to resist by stabbing her sword, she was pulled inside as Natsu failed to jump in after her in time as it closed sending her who knows where.


Name: Toph Beifong
Location: Fire Nation, the Avatar World

"Um Toph, I am not sure this is such a good id...gah!"

"Quick complaining twinkle toes. If you are gonna beat the Fire Lord, you need to be hard as a rock. I think building up those string bean muscles should help you find solid footing."

Toph Beifong, the Earth Bending master of Team Avatar, was currently teaching the Avatar himself Aang using one of her "unconventional" methods. Which was simply placing a large boulder on his back and having him try to hold it up. As she evaluated her pupil, Toph felt an unusual object among the otherwise flat surface as she walked over and, while she could not see it, she felt some unusual shard shape.

Though before she had a chance to ask any questions, or let Aang know, a portal appeared and sucked her up as Aang just missed this and only saw that Toph appeared to be gone.

"Toph? Where did you go? Is this some part of the training?"
Name: Lucario
Location: Cameran Palace, Kanto

"Sir Aaron!? Why did you betray the Queen!?"

Over 1,000 years passed, yet for the temporarily blinded Lucario it was but a moment ago when his master Sir Aaron allegedly betrayed their kingdom and sealed him away. Moments prior, the Lucario had been blinded by a sand attack and became reliant on his Aura sense which meant he was blind to visual differences between Aura signatures. Lucario worried that merely this masked figure and his Zoarak was to fear, but then his entire world was shaken and the next thing he knew it all went black. As such, when the staff he was sealed he moved to the presence of Ash Ketchum who seemed to give off a similar Aura to that of Sir Aaron, Lucario was freed and now began to question the understandably startled trainer.

Before Ash had a chance to explain himself, a shard that seemed to be part of the decorations emitted an unusual Aura that caught the Lucario's attention. As it went over to get a stronger feel, a portal appeared and sucked it up much to the confusion of all trainers and Pokemon within the room.

Name: Yang Xiao Long
Location: Forever Fall, Remnant.

"All right let's finish this!"

Deep within the crimson blanket better known as the Forever Forest, Beacon Academy's most infamous young huntress team was on the scene. The ever busy Team RWBY made up of Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna & Yang Xiao Long. The four had been sent on a mission to deal with what seemed to be some troublesome Grimm that was sighted in the area before it had much chance to advance to a major city.

And so far, it all seemed to be going well enough.

They managed to track down what seemed to be the target Grimm. In this instance, what seemed to be a giant Serpent Grimm that had given the huntresses their run for their money. But in what could only be seen as a sign of growth from the young mismatched unit they were able to coordinate to get around the deadly fangs and mass of the creature as Weiss used some Ice Dust from the tip of her rapier and Blake in kind helped to tie it down with some wire as both worked to immobilize the creature.

The Serpent Grimm hissed as it tried to use its tail to slam into Blake & Weiss to free its body, but Ruby had been quick as a blur as she used her scythe Crescent Rose to slash at the edge of the tail as it proved to be a hot knife through butter as it was lopped off. And while the beast hissed in agony the blonde bombshell herself Yang took advantage as she jumped from a tree top and reared her gauntlet back.


Yang delivered a skull crashing blow to the crone of the Serpent's skull, and with one agonized cry of pain it flopped back dead on the forest floor as Team RWBY succeeded in slaying the beast. Something Yang had been visibly pleased with if her smirk had been any indication.

"Whew, pretty good workout. All and all I'd say classic case of bigger they are, forever more they shall fall~" Yang said with a wink as an audible grown was heard at that pun "attempt" though as Yang wiped a lone drop of sweat from the prolonged battle she noticed something that caught the corner of her eye. Something that seemed to shimmer. Curiosity got the best of the bruiser as she walked over to the spot while the others went to inspect the fallen Grimm as Yang crouched by a tree as she saw what seemed to be some shiny lone crystal on the ground. Yang tilted her head, it had a pretty gleam but seemed a bit out of place with everything else in the immediate area.

"Huh, did someone drop this or..." Yang said to herself, as she went to pick it up to inspect it. Though as she had one that the crystal suddenly shinned and within moments a portal opened up and Yang vanished without a trace just like that.

Name: Hiro & Toph Beifong
Location: IDDC Michael (Northern Section)

Hiro and Toph appeared in one section of the ship as both face planted onto the cold steel below. Both groaned as they took a moment to get their bearings, and in Toph's face get a feel of the surface below her as it did not take the blind girl much time to process she was no longer on the mountain path she had been on mere moments ago.

Okay...not earth, vision's a bit blurry. there is earth, but it's all cold and...this is metal!

Realizing what she was on, she began to make mental adjustments as she felt out the faint traces of earth within the refined metal as she used seismic sense to map out the immediate area...and took note of someone next to her as Hiro himself made it back to his feet and scanned the area as he took note of the airship he was now on.

Okay, where the heck am I?

Before Hiro had a chance to further question anything, metal of the ship around him began to twist and contort in unnatural ways; directed by Toph's firm, strong movements as soon enough Hiro's body was wrapped around in metal which restrained him. Hiro was startled and struggled to move as Toph kept a right grip as she wanted answers and mistakenly thought Hiro had something to do with what happened to them.

"Okay, I don't know what's going on so you are gonna explain it to me. Otherwise you'll find it a little hard to breath..." Toph warned as she applied pressure to the steel around Hiro which caused him to cough; with Toph behind him he had no visual on who attacked him and struggled to think of a way out of this mess. Quickly calling his Keyblade to his hand even in spite of his restraints...

Name: Erza Scarlet & Yang Xiao Long
Location: IDDC Michael (Southeast Section)

Erza & Yang flopped onto the deck of the airship, a different section then where Toph & Hiro had landed as likewise they arrived with a thud and needed a moment to recover.

"Oh man my head...." Yang mumbled as she got up...only to feel a sword pointed at her neck as she saw the cold gaze of Erza who much like Toph with Hiro presumed Yang was responsible for her newfound location swap.

"Tell me what you know, or else." Erza threatened with a tone that matched her cold gaze as immediately Yang felt a drop of sweat move down the back of her neck as she held up her hands as a sign that she meant no harm.

"H-hey, I am just as lost as you. I promise I don't know what is going on. I-I can tell you pointing a sword at me isn't gonna help either of us." Yang said with a sheepish grin, as Erza took a moment to scan the blonde over before she let out a sigh as she set her sword aside which caused Yang to breath a sigh of relief.

"My apologies. Seems we are birds of a feather in this." Erza said, though as she & Yang scanned the airship as they tried to find anything or anyone who may have happened to be on board.

Name: Lucario
Location: IDDC Michael (Southwest Section)

Lucario, in contrast to the others, fell but managed to land on his feet on a different section of the airship. Taking a moment to rub its eyes and the sand that lingered, Lucario regained regular vision as the Aura signature that was so similar to Sir Aaron was gone. There seemed to be plenty of others around though they seemed scattered. Though some had began to group up.

A couple days ago, the Lucario would have asked what was going on and wondered about the context of why and what had happened to him, maybe he'd try to seek some humans and try to converse with them for some aid.  But now, with Sir Aaron's apparent betrayal, Lucario's trust in all humans took a dive as he decided to seek answers for himself as he'd favor recon over conversation as he quickly dashed to try and scout the nearest Aura source he'd be able to find.
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The Sanctuary, Virginia

The evening Virginian sun beat down on the Earth, casting long shadows along the autumn forest, befalling a group of men. Nineteen to be exact. Five of these men stood on their knees, hands on the back of their heads, their captors aiming rifles down at them. A gentle breeze swept by them as the men all remained stationary.
There were several more tense moments, before a black car rolled up swiftly along the dirt road near the group, and came to a stop. The driver’s door opened, and a tall man clad in a leather jacket and loose jeans stepped out, pulling a barbed wire bat out with him. He slammed the car door shut, and loosely swung the bat to rest on his shoulder before strutting toward the group of men.

The man in leather let out a whistle, holding a high pitch before switching to a minor and stopping. The men with guns followed suit, letting out the same whistle. The captured individuals only began to appear more fearful at this.
“Negan.” One of the captors said gruffly to the man in leather, who stared down at the hostages with a grin, taking slow steps as he gazed upon each of them. “So these are the boys, Dwight?” He asked, a hint of a chuckle behind his voice. Dwight gave a nod in reply, one that Negan couldn’t see, but the man seemed to understand either way as he knelt down to look at the largest man directly in the eyes. “Youuuuuu’re… Hank, right?” Negan asked, grinning. “As in Hank the leader? Wank the Hank?”
Hank glared through his grimy, tangled hair at Negan, who bit his lip before rising to his full height with a chuckle. “Pleasantries aside, I need to make a point.” He informed the group. “I welcomed you into my gates with open arms. Offered you food, blankets, shelter… and you fucking steal?” Slowly, Negan shook his head, clicking his tongue in mock disappointment. “See, that shit? It just doesn’t fly. You may have gotten away with it in other groups but this time you crossed the wrong fucking people. We… are the Saviors. Do you know what that means?”

Negan gazed around at their faces, a brow raised. When nobody spoke, he hefted his bat off his shoulder and pointed it at Hank. “Do… you know?” He asked.
No reply. He pointed it at the next person. “How about you?”
Still no answer. Rather than grow frustrated, Negan’s grin split only wider. “Oh man! One of you has gotta know! Because, see, if I don’t get a response, Lucille here is gonna start cracking skulls.” He paused, feigning surprise. “Oh! I haven’t introduced you to Lucille yet, have I? Well, take a look at her for a good second.” He ordered, waving the bat lazily in front of their faces. “She’s even more pissed off than I am at what you shitbirds pulled. She wants to make your brains decorate the forest floor. Hah!” Negan took a step back, leaning slightly. “You should see the looks on your faces! Priceless…”
“Just fucking kill us already.” Hank spat, spit flying out of his mouth. Negan immediately stopped laughing, and took a step toward the leader of the small group of thieves. “Kill you? All of you? Is that what you want?” Negan asked, crouching down once again to get eye-level with the man. “You mean to tell me that you want you and your friends to get your heads smashed in?”
Hank seemed confused for a moment, opening his mouth to speak but no words came out as Negan stood back up. “No no no, Hank. What the hell kind of leader are you, anyways?” He scoffed. “You put all of your buddies on the chopping block? And for what? To save your pride?” Again, Negan shook his head. “Looks like the decision isn’t that hard, is it, Lucille?” This time, he spoke softly to the bat, holding it close to his face, before suddenly swinging it.

A loud crack filled the air as blood splattered the dying grass and dead leaves, Negan having swung upward and cracked Hank under the chin with Lucille, knocking the man backwards. One of the men let out a cry at this as the others kept their faces low, eyes to the ground.
Exactly the way Negan liked it.
On his back, Hank groaned, his chin nearly split in two from the hit, blood flowing out and staining his black t-shirt. With another laugh, Negan moved himself to stand over the man, raising Lucille. Without a moment’s hesitation, he brought the bat down. Another crack filled the air, this one more wet as more blood sprayed the forest floor. Hank’s body convulsed from the strike, the bat having caved in where his left eye used to be, now just a mash of flesh and bone.




Three more times Negan brought down the bat, and as the men around watched, Hank’s head was turned into a paste of shattered bone, splattered brain, and oozing blood.

Wiping a streak of blood off of his face, Negan let out a huff, taking a few steps back to admire his handiwork as Hank’s body still twitched here and there. “Wow!” Negan laughed, now looking Lucille over, who was dripping with the crimson liquid. “Look at that! Lucille was damn thirsty!”
Most of the hostages were shaking uncontrollably at this point, fear clear in their eyes. The sight brought a smile to Negan’s face, who shook Lucille, splattering the ground with more blood. “I hope I’ve made my point clear.” He told the men. “You’re coming back with me. You are Saviors now. Since none of you seemed to know earlier, I'll tell you who we are. We save people. A whole damn lot. But we also determine who's worth saving. Hank was clearly not. People are a resource, and Hank here? Well…” Negan chuckled. “Hank was a drain on that resource. You will work for me. You will work your damn asses off. And when you impress me? You’ll be rewarded. We are a very organized group, you’ll come to find. Any of you. And I mean ANY of you try and pull this shit again I’ll do a lot worse to you than what Hank got. Am I clear?”
The shaken men only managed to nod their heads slowly. Smirking, Negan raised his voice. “I said am I fucking clear!? If any one of you so much as doesn’t shout how clear you are you’re gonna take a visit to the dentist. I hear Dr. Lucille is very thorough.”
He got a collection of different responses. “Yes, Negan” to “Yeah” to “Yes, sir”.

“We’ll work on that. Dwight, get these men out of here. Take ‘em to the cells. They need a little more punishment to get the point across.” Negan ordered. The blonde man gave a nod, and started herding the men to a couple of vans parked in front of Negan’s car.
The man in leather himself turned away from the scene to look out upon the forest, gazing past the trees to see a distant lake past a clearing.
Every time he did something like this, he needed to remind himself what it was for. He was doing this because he was the only one strong enough to. He was saving more people than he was killing. If she were really here, Lucille would be damn proud of the man he’d become.

Shaking his head, Lucille flicked more blood off of his bat before turning around and making his way back to his car, the two vans loaded with his men pulling out and heading down the dirt road. Negan looked at Hank’s body, still twitching every so often.
A year ago, this would have sickened him beyond belief. He’d grown used to it by now. Especially knowing that his way of life was the only way. This man had tried to ruin that. For hsi actions, he was punished. Simple as that.

This was when the Savior leader looked down at the ground for a split second, and something caught his eye. Something blue reflecting the light of the setting sun. It looked like some kind of jewel… perhaps a ring? Whatever it was, it looked like something a woman would like, and with as many wives as he had?
Grinning, Negan got down on one knee, reaching his hand out to pluck the gem from the ground, before suddenly, his world was turned upside down. He felt a blast of energy knock him backward, landing on his back with a dull thud and an oof. “The hell!?” He cried as he looked down to see a swirling vortex of blue, almost like a whirlpool. “THE HELL!?” He cried out again, feeling gravity suddenly shift, and before he knew it, he was sliding across the ground toward the vortex.
Lucille, whom he’d dropped when the jewel had erupted, now flew by Negan’s head, disappearing inside of the vortex. “LUCILLE!” Negan yelled, his voice cracking as he too, was swallowed whole.

Instantly, the vortex vanished, leaving nothing behind but a corpse in a field and a vacant car on a dirt road.

IDDC Michael
Negan, Darth Vader, Master Chief

Negan felt the wind leave his lungs as he was slammed down onto his back, hitting metal, Lucille clanging against the ground to his right and beginning to roll. For a good few seconds, the man laid on his back, slowly refilling his lungs with air. Once he could move, he sat up with a pained groan. Almost immediately, his breath caught in his throat.

There was a cloud passing overhead, just a few meters above him. He could feel strong breezes pushing against him, and when he saw Lucille, she was being rolled nearer and nearer to the edge of wherever the hell he was, the wind helping her along. “No!” He cried out, ignoring everyone around him and rushing to his feet, taking off at a sprint for the bat.
Fortunately, she wasn’t teetering off the edge when he reached her like some terribly action flick. She was a few feet away when he scooped her up, coming to a stop, scarily close to the edge of what looked like a VERY long drop.
Cautiously, Negan took a few steps back, his eyes saucers as he held Lucille tightly, a blood-splattered trail left on the ground from her path.

“Where the hell am I?”
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"WHOA WHOA WHOA!" As soon as the large man who looked right out of Castlevania headed for Peter, he quickly flailed his arms. "I don't know what's going on or who you are, but clearly we're both confused, so let's not attack each other before figuring anything out alright?" He hoped his reasoning would be understood by the man.

Just in case, though, he preemptively set a web grenade.

That's when he heard the sound of a sword being drawn. "H-hey, hat guy, can we table this for a minute?" He looked to the left, and saw... nothing had happened, with a blonde girl and what seemed like a redheaded knight looking around. He waved his hand. "Oh, hey! You two! Over here!"

Just in the distance, though Peter didn't notice it, a fifth individual tumbled from a portal in nothing but tribal gear...


"I didn't expect this. At least not this soon."

"Well, it's here now. So what's our plan?"

"He's taking the fight to us, but we're not nearly prepared. He knows that. He's trying to start chaos. I say we suppress it immediately and inform the newcomers of the situation."

"Lowell's assertion is smart... But there's a risk of panic. We'll need someone with charisma to lead the soldiers."

"I believe the natural choice, then, is for you to lead the troops."


"Aw, c'mon! I never get to do anything except field missions."

"You'll get your turn, Karol. So what's the plan, Edgeworth?"

"Listen acutely. If even one element of this is off, our enemy's forces may be able to throw us into complete disarray. Here's our strategy..."


"You two! Drop your weapons!"

Suddenly, Master Chief and Samus Aran found themselves approached by a deployment of troops. They all wore metal masks, completely obscuring their faces, and head-to-toe grey and white bodysuits. Each of them bore a strange emblem on their lapel.

"Hey, there's no need to be so militaristic..."

A man who seemed to be the leader of the bunch of troops pushed the gun down of one of his men. He wore a similar color scheme to the others, but instead wore a large grey overcoat with a blue shirt underneath. His large friendly face beamed as he held out a hand, his glasses shining in the sun.

"Nice to meet you both! Lieutenant Colonel Maes Hughes, at your service."

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North Russia, “Clawing Ocelot” Base, 2011

It had been two years since Big Shell. Raiden had gone off to do his own thing, Snake and Otacon were still running from the law, watching PMCs come to power very gradually as the Patriots expanded their sphere of influence. The only thing the two could do was try to take out the most powerful of them, though it proved difficult. Very difficult. Turns out growing industries couldn’t be easily dismantled- taking one out just let two more spring up, going for the position that had opened.

Their current target was a PMC known as “Clawing Ocelot” in English. Coincidentally similar to “Revolver Ocelot” or “Liquid Ocelot”, a name that kept coming back up for Snake. Stories for another time. A time he wouldn’t be ankle deep in snow, armed with a single gun and stealth camouflage. Hopefully they weren’t equipped with heat vision, otherwise the camouflage was useless.

“Snake, are you there?” A voice piped up in his ear. Otacon’s to be precise. He was a few dozen miles away, safely secured in a temporary stronghold for the ex-Foxhound and scientist. Though Otacon had taken the time to plaster the walls with his posters of anime, mecha...and girls. All sorts. Otacon was clearly not a picky man. Snake didn’t mind- Otacon had earned the right to do such a thing.

“Over,” Snake said in a whisper.

“I’m getting some weird readings. Wild fluctuations of energy in your direct area.”

“Energy fluctuations?” Snake spoke back, in his habit of questioning the speaker. “What do you mean by that?”

“I mean the readings don’t make any sense! It’s an extraordinary amount of energy, more than a nuclear blast…”

“Could it be a Metal Gear?” Snake proposed. “Or some sort of reactor?”

“It could be! Though the strangest thing is Snake, the readings are coming from near you!”

This caught Snake off guard, though he remained calm. “Near me? Might it be under me?”

“I’m not sure from here Snake. Something just isn’t adding up. Is there anything covered up near you that might be setting it off?”

The soldier glanced around the area. There were crates, tarps staked down covering them from the elements. A few signs, themselves covered with frost, russian text written on them. Other than that, all Snake saw was some sort of blue light, shining beneath the snow.

“Nothing unusual, except a blue light. A landing light?”

“It’s probably best you investigate, but be careful Snake.”

Cautiously, Snake approached, still tightly clung to the ground. It was so bright beneath the snow, almost otherworldly. With some reluctance, he sweeped some snow off of it- finding a shining sort of...gem.

“What the…?” Despite his better instincts, Snake picked up the crystal, squinting at it. Though he didn’t have long to marvel at it, as it almost immediately crackled in his hands.

“Snake, the energy is peaking even higher! What’s happening?!” Otacon asked as the numbers went wild. Though he didn’t receive an answer, as the crystal burst open before Snake could even respond.

“Gah…!” Was the last thing Otacon had heard, before both his connection to Snake and the energy reading went dead.

“Snake?! Snake!! SNAAAAAAKE!!!”

Inner IDDC Michael

Immediately, Snake found himself on the ground in some sort of hallway. The hum of electric lights, whirring of machines within the walls, whining of pipes whisking away water.

He stood up, taking a few breaths. Immediately, he attempted to call Otacon for information. “Otacon, are you there?” Only silence answered him. Glancing down the halls, there weren't cameras or anything in it. Only ends that branched off.

It was then Snake’s trained ears picked up the clear sound of feet banging on metal. Two pairs, if he had to guess. And it was getting closer.

“...He’s breached the bridge? How the hell are we supposed to deal with that?” He overheard. Snake assumed it was in his best interest not to get caught by these people, activating his camouflage, and pressing up against the side of the hall, disappearing into the wall nearly immediately. It would be just big enough if he was lucky.

“Shit, I don’t know! A lot of the heavy troops and leaders went out to meet some people who got stuck on the roof. The guy has some sort of psychic power, we got a dampener for that in the armory, right?!” With his breath still, Snake observed two iron faced soldiers, clad in suits he did not recognize, march right by him. Discussing someone with psychic powers, who was clearly their enemy.

“I sure damn hope this works! He’s killed two dozen men already, and probably more by now! Physical weapons won’t work if he can just divert it, and he reflects laser weapons with that light blade...sword thing. So we use the dampener and…” The voice faded as the duo rounded a corner, walking further down the hall. Snake let out his breath, his body phasing back from it’s cloaked form.

“Psychics…” He whispered to himself. Psycho Mantis was a hassle and a half, able to deflect bullets with ease. Was he here for some reason? And who were these people? Snake had noticed an acronym of sorts printed on their suits, “IDPF”.

He had a mystery to figure out then. He started to walk down the way the soldiers had come. Maybe they came from somewhere with a map, though he did mentally note the way they had gone. An armory would be useful, considering he didn’t have many weapons on him...

Samus Aran, Hunter, Ridley
Outer IDDC Michael

The armored man stood down at her words, much to Samus’s relief. Being backed into a corner and killed after just barely avoiding one death would be a little anticlimactic.

“I wouldn’t necessarily call him a friend. But I’m sure he’ll be back.” She told the Chief, getting to her feet. “Samus Aran, bounty hun-”

She cut herself off. A troop of soldiers had rapidly closed in, armed and pointing at the two of them. “You two! Drop your weapons!” One shouted, though Samus didn’t follow up on this. Or say anything of note- the Soldiers soon lowered their weapons as a captain of sorts walked up.

There was a stark contrast between the steel faced soldiers and their captain, whose face was exposed, and beaming a bright smile. Introduced himself as Lieutenant Colonel Maes Hughes, extending out a hand to the two of them.

Samus didn’t take the hand. She wasn’t one for those sorts of greetings. “Samus Aran, bounty hunter.” She told Hughes. Now Samus did have half a mind to explain her reasoning for being on the ship, but the other man who had spared her had a right to introduce himself too. It was hard to explain anyways…

She did glance back to the sea for a moment. Ridley was nowhere to be found. Maybe he had drowned in shock. An anticlimactic end for him too.


“Oi, I ain’t lookin’ to fight!” The Hunter said to the spandex clad kid. “I’m just confused! You looked like you’d know! The hell’s goin’ on here?” Though the kid had already turned his head, looking towards another two people- one clad in armor with a sword, and a yellow haired one with clothes that didn’t quite fit in with any of the other three’s.

“More of em’? Do they know what’s going on?!” The Hunter asked more questions, but was probably not going to get answers to them either.

Glancing over though, he saw a portal tear in the air, dropping out yet another person. A tribesman, once again ill-fitting with the rest of them. “And who is this bloke now?! Bloody comin’ out of thin air!!”


Far below, and far behind, the calm ocean was interrupted as Ridley erupted from the waves. Crunching a large fish between his jaws, the head falling back to the sea. The scorch left by Samus’s charge shot had begun to heal, Ridley's body taking the cells of various fish he had eaten.

"You haven't escaped yet, Aran…!" He hissed, soaring into the air with a flap. His eyes caught the airship far in the distance, and Ridley trailed it, in hot pursuit. "I saw her...Landing upon that ship. She may think herself safe, but she is nothing of the sort!"

Ridley wasn't sure how he planned on finding her especially if she was inside the ship...but he was a feared space pirate! He would slaughter all in his path to Samus.

With no hesitation.
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Snowdin, Underground
Sans, Frisk

“entry number 109. test results remain negative for… reasons i’m not sure of. i’ve done everything right, followed all the procedures, rebuilt this by the book. so why can’t i use it? i turned on the idt just an hour ago, and i thought it was activating, but it doesn’t seem to have done much aside from cause a snowdin-wide power outage. there’s a possibility i might need to end up rebuilding the idt, and if that’s the case… i really hope there’s no more resets. this work is crucial to bringing him back.”

Sans rubbed at his tired eyes for a moment, closing his new entry on the IDT, shutting down the portable computer and letting out a sigh. Ever since Frisk’s promise to stop altering time, Sans had found himself working in his shed most nights. While everyone else thought he was busy sleeping every single day away, he was busy repairing and testing the IDT. It had the power to traverse dimensions, Sans had seen it activate only once before.
...but that one time had been when the Doctor had long since vanished from it. Sans could sometimes hear him in the back of his mind, whispering instructions to him, appearing to him in his dreams… Gaster wasn’t the same. He was twisted, a warped man of who he once was. Sans intended to repair the damage and bring his father back home. No matter the cost.

But right now, he needed a break. Frisk was supposed to be staying the night, and Papyrus would never forgive him for missing out on even a second of it. With that thought in mind, Sans vanished on the spot, reappearing in his dark room beside his bed. His eyes quickly adjusting to the room. He took a glance to his bedside table, looking at the lamp, then a paper that sat on its surface. It showed three poorly drawn figures holding hands.
Looking away, Sans made his way toward the door, opening it slowly and peeking over the railing of the balcony down to the living room, where Frisk could be seen sitting on the couch, watching a program about Mettaton. Papyrus could be heard humming along to the sound of water boiling, no doubt making some spaghetti. He’d been getting better, admittedly. Not perfect, but it was at least edible now.

“heya kiddo.” Sans greeted Frisk, suddenly standing behind the couch. She nearly jumped, before turning around and grinning at the skeleton. “Hi Sans!” She greeted pleasantly, clearly happy to see him. It was a good change, that was for certain. For a moment, he could almost see her blank expression, cheek smeared with dust…
His gaze darkened for a second, before he quickly snapped out of the memory, glancing back at Papyrus, who was shaking his rear in-time with his humming, a chef’s hat taped to his skull. It was a bit lopsided. “whatcha watchin’?” Sans asked, leaning against the back of the couch and looking toward the television, which displayed a dancing Mettaton strutting across a stage, singing into a microphone. The same song Papyrus was humming.
“Just Mettaton.” Frisk replied, and patted the couch beside her, an open invitation for Sans to join her. He shrugged, and walked slowly around the couch to the front, plopping down comfortably beside her, hands shoved into the pockets of his sky blue hoodie. He felt a little tense being this close to her, admittedly. It had only been a good month since she’d stopped her genocidal crusade, and he expected it to return at any second. So far… nothing. And he was pleased with that. She was keeping her promise to him.

“AH, SANS!” Papyrus exclaimed when he entered the living room, carrying two plates of spaghetti. “I DIDN’T KNOW YOU WERE DOWN HERE! I WOULD HAVE MADE YOU A FRESH PLATE OF HOME-COOKED SPAGHETTI!”
“it’s alright bro. i’m not that hungry.” Sans replied, blinking dolefully at his brother, who shrugged, handing Frisk her plate before yanking off his hat and tossing it to the end table at the other side of the room, resting neatly atop Sans’ book of puns, inside of which was a book on quantum physics, inside of which was a book of puns, inside of which was a book on quantum physics, so-on, so-forth.
“SCOOT YOUR SKELETUSH OVER.” Papyrus warned, and immediately sank into the couch, breathing delightfully in the fragrance of his spaghetti. “AHHHH… IT’S QUITE APPEALING, WOULDN’T YOU SAY SO, SANS?”
“sure, bro.” Sans replied, staring at the television for a moment, before glancing at Frisk, who was happily chowing down on the spaghetti. Apparently Paps had gotten really good. “you know what? i think i’ll get some somethin’ from grillby’s.” Sans stated, feeling awkward sitting there, and stood up. “ARE YOU SURE?” Papyrus asked. “yeah. no offense to your cooking, paps. i just need less pasta in my system.”
“ALRIGHT!” With that, Papyrus returned to happily eating spaghetti and watching Mettaton. Frisk only stared at Sans, evidently clearly recognizing his reasoning for wanting to leave. At least a part of it. Yes, he still wasn’t fully comfortable around her, but he also realized he needed sleep. He hadn’t gotten any in days, and it was beginning to show. He was sluggish, having trouble focusing, and his mind only rested on the IDT.

The moment he was out the door, he vanished as the door closed behind him, reappearing in his room, immediately falling upon his bed, feeling himself melt against the mattress. It was unbelievably comfortable. He felt his lids grow heavy, and within a matter of seconds, sleep overcame him.
Unbeknownst to the skeleton, a small azure crystal was hovering toward him from the ceiling, its decent slow and without noise. The object grew nearer and nearer, what appeared to be a universe swirling calmly within. Closer and closer it neared, until finally…

He was gone. It had been sudden. Not even the bed had vanished, just Sans himself, leaving a few socks and papers to fly around the room from the sudden burst of energy. The one with three figures lightly fluttered to the ground in the center of the room, turned over, poorly-written words clearly spelling ‘DON’T FORGET’...

IDDC Michael
Sans, Negan, Darth Vader, Master Chief

With a gasp for breath, Sans awoke, feeling lightless, tumbling away in a tube of nothingness, yet it was everything. He felt gravity pulling at him from all directions at once, yet, nowhere at all. He could hear a familiar voice in the back of his mind mutter something in a long-forgotten tongue, roughly translated to ‘It begins’, before the world returned to Sans.
He found himself standing on metal, dark bags under his eyes. The first thing he saw was a young girl directly in front of him climbing to her feet, and moving her arms and legs in an unfamiliar stance. To the skeleton’s surprise, metal tore from the ground beneath them, and wrapped itself around a young boy who couldn’t be much older than Frisk or this girl, binding him in place, the girl beginning to throw questions and demands. An interrogator.
He took a quick glance around to find there were several other individuals doing various other things, some still appearing, even, like a man clad in leather with a bloodied bat, or a teen in what appeared to be a tribal outfit slamming to the deck.

There was a common theme among them all- they were all human, as far as Sans could tell. He was probably the only monster, the only non-human on this flight. And flight he could tell. These types of clouds so close, the temperature, the air, the wind… it was some kind of air ship. Why he was here, he knew not, but it seemed just about everyone else around was having the same issue.
Deciding to go out on a limb, Sans opted to move in favor of the bound boy, who struggled against his metal bindings, a massive key appearing in one hand for… some reason. “hey kid.” Sans called to Toph. “you got the wrong guy. none of us know what we’re doin’ here.”
Simple and to-the-point. Not much else the skeleton could do without getting physical- or magical.


“Oh shit…” Negan breathed, looking about at the various individuals. What caught his eyes were the two clad in some badass-looking armor getting surrounded by a group of armed people. None of this made any sense, and he sure as hell didn’t want to deal with any of them. Quickly, he began to look about, scanning for some sort of way to hide himself, or get inside of whatever building or vessel he was on. Some kinda submarine?
No… the ocean was too far down. No way this could be an aircraft… of this size? He wanted to say he’d seen stranger but he really hadn’t. His search proved fruitful. A small handle was near him, some kind of hatch into the ship below. Quickly, Negan darted toward it, twisting the handle. A loud click could be heard, and the hatch swung heavily open. Without another though, Negan ducked inside, swinging the hatch closed behind him, and letting out a sigh of relief.


John’s rifle was raised, aimed, and ready the moment a hostile shout broke the introduction between he and Samus. He found he was severely outnumbered by an unknown force. He didn’t want to bet his odds on anything, and while he assumed he could personally take out the surrounding regiment, he wasn’t sure. Without Cortana’s guidance he wasn’t sure what was the exact call to make.
Fortunately, he didn’t have to make a call, as a man much shorter than the Chief, nearly the height of Samus, strutted toward the pair, a pair of glasses glinting off bright sunlight, telling his men to calm down, identifying himself as ‘Lieutenant Colonel Maes Hughes’, and extending a hand to the pair. Samus was the first to introduce herself, but didn’t take his hand. Frankly, John wasn’t too interested in hand shakes at the moment either, but decided to finally lower his weapon, not losing his grip on it however. He’d been in too many situations like these before. Best not to let his guard down.

Lieutenant Colonel… Chief frowned, recognizing the rank as pre-UNSC. 2000’s military. Even so, the rank of Master Chief still outranked him. “Master Chief Petty Officer Spartan-117.” John introduced simply, removing his eyes from Hughes to gaze at the men around them. Armed to the teeth. Hughes here was their commander. This was a militarized vessel, clearly. For what, was still unclear. Meanwhile the woman to Chief’s right didn’t hide the fact she was a bounty hunter, not the profession of any kind of spartan. It was becoming increasingly clear that he wasn’t home anymore. He was somewhere entirely different. Judging from the fact that more people were appearing, John could only assume this airship was a nexus of sorts, and if these men controlled it, there was the possibility they might have the information both he and probably Samus desired.
“Where are we?” Chief asked, his voice cool and calm, yet sharp and commanding.


A handful of men, five to be exact, clutched fruitlessly at their throats, before a simultaneous crack filled the air, the force snapping all five of the men’s necks. Wordlessly, Vader cut down another soldier, and stopped…
For now, that was it. Undoubtedly there would be a second wave moving in, more prepared for him, but he had their bridge. The crew was dead, lying about haphazardly, limbs scattering the floor, the smell of burnt flesh lingering in the air, something Vader couldn’t smell.
The viewport displayed an ocean below, and an empty sky. Aside from that… nothing. Absolutely nothing. What kind of useless place was this?
Frowning, the Sith Lord raised an arm, and all of the equipment in the room began to shake violently. Metal cracked and bent, wires ripped and sparked, the entire ship began to shake violently as Darth Vader began to dismantle the bridge, tearing it apart with ease.
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Name: Dillain
Location: Unknown

Sitting against the wall of an uncomfortable brightly lit room, Dillain wordlessly shuffled through the stack of YuGiOh cards she had collected over the years, intrigued with the detailed monster designs on each card. It was the only thing she could do while being confined in the room, unable to leave since the only door leading in and out of the room was locked, keeping her from escaping. Her golden amber eyes shifted from the cards to the steel door, knowing on the other side of the door was an armed security guard ready to detain her should she find a way to escape. A million thoughts ran through her head on executing a plan that wouldn't get her caught or possibly killed, but none of them ended with good results, leaving her to merely daydream of escaping the nightmare she was stuck in. She couldn't stop the smile that formed on her face while imagining herself slaughtering every single person here.

A loud obnoxious buzzing sound suddenly rang out, causing Dillain to frown as she put away her cards within the pocket of her tattered jeans before standing up, awaiting the usual treatment that would shortly follow. However, the sight of something shiny reflected against the bright light that illuminated the room, giving off a blue color as she cautiously began to move towards the mysterious object against her better judgement. Upon closer inspection, the object looked like nothing more than a blue colored quartz as she stared at it, wondering how it ended up in the room without her noticing before. The sound of a locking mechanism was then heard, drawing her attention away from the blue quartz before the door to her room was pushed open, revealing a security guard holding a rifle that was aimed directly at Dillain.

However, a strong force suddenly began to pull at Dillain, catching her off guard as she instinctively scrambled to move away from the pulling force, unable to move more than an inch. The armed guard struggled to stay standing as he stayed by the door, unsure of what to do in this situation while a portal began to appear behind Dillain, pulling her closer and closer to the swirling vortex. Taking note that the guard did not rush to grab her gave Dillain a small sliver of hope as well as an idea, feeling that this would be her one and only chance to escape this hellhole of a place, although the only downside to this idea was the possibility of dying. At this point, death seemed to be a better alternative than being a prisoner until she died.

Before the guard could make up his mind on what to do, Dillain allowed herself to be pulled into the portal, catching a glimpse of the guard running towards the portal before it was no more and her vision went black.
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Bowser was done playing games.

He swung at Mario, knocking him into a wall. He then blasted fire at him, but Mario dodged.

Suddenly, Bowser felt a force tugged at him from behind. He looked back and there was a portal, sucking him in. He tried to grab onto something, but the pull was too strong and he was sucked in.

————————— ————————— —————————

The Blue Falcon was nearing the finish line. The Captain was in first place, but suddenly, another racer collided with him, knocking him into a wall.

The match was stopped, but as the racers were stepping out of their cars, a portal opened in the middle of the raceway. Captain Falcon attempted to get back in his racer, but was sucked in.

————————— ————————— —————————

Kaleb was so close. Another championship on the tip of his tongue. All Charizard had to do was finish off the Abomasnow, and it was over.

Suddenly, a portal opened right behind them. Kaleb jumped on Charizard and attempted to escape, but both were sucked into the portal.
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Arc 1: The Airship Arc
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